Products Available in Georgia

Are your employees wasting time on social media?

You're kidding, right? The answer is absolutelty! It's too easy not to. However, we can stop that entirely and increase productivity, or provide you with reports so that you can handle on an as needed basis.

Are your files safe from disaster or sabatoge?

Our Infinite Backup service will protect all of your precious data nightly, and email a confirmation when done. We also monitor your backup status, and will notify you directly if we notice a problem.

Are your computers and network protected against viruses and ransomware?

We can protect and monitor every PC on your network. Even better, we can prevent threats from ever reaching the network to begin with.

Are business phone expenses out of control?

Our Hosted PBX service is far more affordable than a new on-premise phone system, and it offers better migration, support and reliability. Shift the cost of your phone system to your operating budget, which means there’s no need to tie up your capital in on-premise hardware that quickly depreciates and requires frequent maintenance.

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