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ESCO Group

The ESCO Group and its affiliates develop standards, validation tools, and training resources for the HVACR and building science fields.

Here, we're featuring a number of their most popular products:

  • eLearning The HVACR Learning Network (HLN) offers online content, from industry leading organizations, authors, and publishers. This is a singular source for HVACR professionals to access digital content, confident that they are getting reliable, up-to-date, and relevant material, directly from trusted sources, while often earning continuing education hours. Titles include:

    • ​EPA Section 608 Universal Online Preparatory Course

    • Hydrocarbon Refrigerants Training Course & Exam

    • Low GWP Refrigerant Safety: Flammable and Mildly Flammable Refrigerants Training Course

    • Electricity for HVACR Technicians Full Course

    • Customer Service Attitude Course

    • Air Conditioning Fundamentals Full Course

    • and more

  • Training Packages and Resources - To help those tasked with training the current and future HVACR workforce, ESCO offers modular training packages for all HVACR educational topics. These packages often consist of a; comprehensive training manual, PowerPoint, instructional supplement with course objectives and lesson plans, syllabus and end of program certification. Packages include:

    • ​Low GWP Refrigerant Safety

    • System Recovery and Evacuation

    • System Performance

    • Heat Pumps

    • Basic Refrigeration & Charging Procedures

    • Refrigeration and Airflow Training

    • and more

  • Simulation and 3D Training - Using narrated animations, trainees are introduced to a wide range of components, application, and associated terminology. 3D models of components and tools provide trainees with a valuable way to clearly visualize components and their use. Within the simulation programs, each module consists of a mentor feature which guides the learner through each process. They say that practice makes perfect, but this is not necessarily true. If you don’t practice correctly, you cannot learn correctly. This feature makes certain that users practice correctly. Programs include:

    • Refrigeration​

    • Basic Hydraulics

    • Basic Electrical Series AC Machines and RLC Circuits

    • Basic Electrical Series DC Machines

    • HVACR Principles

    • and more

Please contact your Regional Manager for more information.


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