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Learning Labs, Inc., established in 1967 by the late Tom Richardson, along with his late wife Martha, is a family owned and operated educational resource business with hundreds of technology products on the market. Since our founding, our philosophy has been geared toward reinforcing academic skills through applied hands-on learning experiences to help make school a fun and exciting place for students, as well as a place where learning is relevant to the real world and workplace. This philosophy has been adopted and implemented in well over a thousand schools nationwide, and the number is growing daily.


As a family business, and as individuals, we are committed to providing products, service, and after-sale support that are second to none. Above all else, it is our goal to make a positive impact not only on education in general, but also on the education of our own children.


Learning Labs, Inc. has direct Regional Managers in a 7-state region:



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Learning Labs is also a member of AACTER.org, the American Association of Career and Technology Education Resellers.  AACTER is a group of independent educational dealer organizations which represents Career and Technology Education (CTE) manufacturers to over 90% of the US secondary and post-secondary educational market.


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Learning Labs, Inc. has direct Regional Managers in a 7-state region.
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