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REV Robotics is a renowned provider of educational resources and robotics components for classroom and competition (First Tech Challenge). Their educational kits offer a comprehensive platform for hands-on learning and innovation in robotics. These kits typically include high-quality hardware components such as motors, sensors, and controllers, making them ideal for a wide range of robotics projects.

Complementing their hardware offerings, REV Robotics provides engaging courseware designed to facilitate learning in the field of robotics and engineering. Their courseware includes structured lessons, tutorials, and educational materials, allowing students and teachers to delve into robotics concepts, programming, and engineering principles. With REV Robotics' educational kits and courseware, learners of all levels can embark on an exciting journey to explore the fascinating world of robotics while honing their STEM skills.




The REV DUO line of components featured here work together for a dual purpose:

  • to create competition-grade robots geared towards participating in the FIRST Tech Challenge

  • to be used in the classroom for STEM education.

REV EDU Kit V2 (Classroom Version with Courseware)
With over 180 parts, the REV EDU Kit V2 includes everything needed to build the REV Class Bot and more. The EDU Kit can be used to teach a variety of lessons ranging from computer programming to engineering principles. 

Kit Overview:

  • Now including the UltraPlanetary Gearbox Kit & HD Hex Motor!

  • Full Control System to get your robot up and running

  • Everything needed to build the REV Class Bot

  • Adaptable programming platform to meet the needs of your classroom

  • REV build guides to develop students STEM skills in a collaborative environment

Classroom to Competition Upgrade
Go from the classroom to competition with the EDU Kit V2 to Starter Kit V3 Upgrade. This upgrade bundle bridges the gap between the new EDU Kit V2 and the competition Starter Kit V3, providing the needed equipment to transition from classroom to competing at FIRST Tech Challenge events.


Major Upgrades Include:

  • Additional Gamepad and Core Hex Motor

  • C Channel for additional torsional strength

  • Wheels, gears, chain, sprockets to increase functionality

  • Adaptable programming platform to meet the needs of the competition and the classroom



Intro to Robotics I is an easily adaptable and ready-to-teach course for the classroom, after-school programs, or summer camps! It is designed to align with national standards including ISTE, ITEEA, CSTA, and NGSS, as well as TEKS, the Texas state standard. The Intro to Robotics I course is intended for use in high school classrooms by 9th-12th grade students (and adaptable for grades 6th-8th).

Course Highlights

  • 35+ hours worth of lessons featuring hands-on activities and challenges

  • Support for teachers includes lesson plans, grading rubrics, professional development, and more

  • Gamification of content and pre-made study guides for boosting engagement

  • Engineering Notebook templates, Equipment Resource Guides, and CAD files

  • Customizable for student or teacher/educator training and learning


The Intro to Robots I curriculum is aligned with national education standards, including:

  • International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE)

  • Computer Science Teachers’ Association (CSTA)

  • Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)

  • International Technology and Engineering Educators Association (ITEEA)


Intro to Robotics I was designed for use with the

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