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Snapmaker makes beautifully engineered 3D printers and 3-in-1 devices that unlock your full creative potential, from 3D printing to laser engraving, cutting, and CNC cutting/routing.

Snapmaker printers and modules include:

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Artisan 3-in-1 Printer

As if the Snapmaker 2.0, with its ability to switch between 3D printer, laser engraving, and CNC milling wasn't cool enough, Snapmaker has made the process faster and smarter with the Artisan.

Artisan 3-in-1 Printer

Key features include:

  • Easy swappable modules and base plates; no tools required

  • Work envelope (Laser Engraving and Cutting):  15.7" x 15.7" x 15.7"

  • Dual extrusion 3D printing

  • 10W high power laser

  • 200W CNC mill

  • 7" touch screen

  • Dissolvable support printing

  • Zone heated bed

  • Laser media such as wood, glass, ceramic tile, leather, brick, anodized aluminum, and more

  • Enclosure included

View the flyer!

Artisan 01.jpg
J1 High Speed IDEX 3D Printer

J1 features independent dual extruder (IDEX), ultra-fast print speed, and smoothing optimization. With cast and machined parts, linear rails, intuitive software, and a lot of user-centered designs, J1 is also refined and solid.

J1 High Speed IDEX 3D Printer
Three Apps b.jpg

Key features include:

  • Up to 10,000 mm/s² acceleration and up to 350 mm/s printing speed

  • Print volume 11.8" x 300 × 200 × 200 mm³

  • Breakaway supports and dissolvable supports for effortless removal

  • Copy Mode and Mirror Mode that double productivity

  • 300°C hot ends & 100°C heated bed

  • Easy-swap hot ends with multi-diameters

  • Double-sided PEI Glass Plate

  • 5-inch Intuitive Touchscreen

  • Built-in nozzle wipers

View a flyer or a more in-depth brochure!

Snapmaker 2.0

Snapmaker 2.0 is smarter, faster, larger, and more powerful than ever before. It is a new generation of 3-in-1 devices that come with everything you need!

View the brochure!

Snapmaker A350
3D Printing

Snapmaker 2.0 allows you to print almost anything for your creative projects: from common applications to objects with specific mechanical properties, such as toughness, durability, and flexibility. Snapmaker 2.0 can do it all!  Filament you can use with the Snapmaker 2.0 include:

  • PLA

  • ABS

  • Wood

  • Flexible

Other 3D printing features include:

  • Auto-Leveling - Bed leveling is a tricky process, especially for inexperienced users. To simplify the process, we've added the auto-leveling feature. This means you will print on a leveled heated bed with the newly added induction sensor every single time.

  • Filament Runout Recovery - Say no to unfinished prints or "air printing". Equipped with a filament runout sensor, the printer will notify you when the filament has run out. You can now print large objects without fear.

  • Upgraded Cooling System - Cooling is just as important as heating when it comes to FDM 3D printing. For Snapmaker 2.0, the cooling system is re-designed to print objects with deep overhangs and smoother surfaces.

  • Flexible Platform - Removing a print is now easier than ever. Just lift and flex the sheet, and your print will come right off. You can snap the print sheet back onto the magnetic heated bed in an instant.

Snapmaker 3D Printer module
Laser Engraving and Cutting

Traditional 3D printers can only 3D print. Snapmaker 2.0 is completely different. With interchangeable modules, Snapmaker's functionality can be changed quickly, just like changing lenses on a camera. Now you can make many kinds of beautiful and artistic creations using laser engraving and cutting.

A wide variety of materials you find in daily life are laser engravable or cuttable, including paper, plywood, leather, acrylic, cardboard, paper, fabric, and even food like cookies and coconuts!

  • Fabric

  • Leather

  • Plywood

  • Acrylic

Other laser engraving and cutting features include:

  • Built-In Camera - The built-in camera allows you to preview your design with whatever material you use. You can edit your design and precisely position it exactly where you want it to be. What you see is what you get!

  • Faster Engraving - Faster is better. We added the Line (Normal Quality) mode to provide you with a faster engraving option for grayscale images. This feature can save you hours when you engrave big grayscale images without sacrificing quality.

  • Aluminum Grid Table - The Aluminum Grid Table is specially designed to prevent damage to the bed by defocusing the laser beam during cutting. It is removable and super firm.


Snapmaker laser engraving on plywood
CNC Carving

You can even use Snapmaker 2.0 as a CNC router to create precision 2.5D and 3D objects. It has faster working speed and a much larger workspace than the original model. It is the perfect machine to extend your interest to CNC carving.

CNC carving is ideal for precisely carving or cutting hard materials. With Snapmaker 2.0, you won’t be limited with the options of plastic or soft materials, and you’ll be able to use the following materials for your creative projects: hardwood, PCB, acrylic, POM, carbon fiber sheet, and many more materials.

  • Walnut

  • Carbon Fiber Sheet

  • PCB

  • Platane Wood

Other CNC carving features include:

  • ER11 Collet - Snapmaker 2.0 features a fully upgraded CNC module. The new standard ER11 Collet guarantees a better concentricity that allows for a faster CNC carving speed and larger step down. It also supports over one hundred carving and cutting bits.

  • Wasteboard & Clamping Kits - Each Snapmaker 2.0 comes with an MDF wasteboard and clamping kits. The wasteboard is removable and can protect the bed from damage as well as providing a smooth and leveled surface for precise CNC carving.

  • Dust Resistance - Snapmaker 2.0’s linear module has been upgraded for easy maintenance. The leadscrew, driver chip and precision parts are completely enclosed in the aluminum alloy housings, which eliminates the problem of dirt accumulation and ensures better durability.

Snapmaker CNC carving on wallnut
Rotary Module

The Snapmaker 2.0 Rotary Module adds a 4th axis to your Snapmaker, making it an extremely mighty desktop CNC machining powerhorse, and much more.

Rotary module excels at making three-dimensional artworks such as desktop miniatures and small-sized sculptures. Without under extrusion, layer shifting, stringing, or supports of FDM or SLA, the rotary module can accomplish a level of detail and craftsmanship that no other 3D printing technologies can.

By adding a 4-axis, the rotary module enables your Snapmaker to rotary CNC carve and laser.  The rotary module supports dozens of materials including wood, tooling boards, plastic, bamboo, leather, fabric, non-transparent acrylics, and more.

The rotary module uses strain wave gearing and packs a 100:1 speed reducer that converts the power to a lower output speed. This allows the 3-jaw chuck to rotate with a minimum angle of 0.1°. Now, you can make on uneven and irregular surfaces without missing a step.

360° continuous rotation with a maximum angular speed of 45° per second, the rotary module is one fast sculptor. Along with precise control ranging from 0.2, 1, and 5-degree rotation on the touchscreen, you can really see the difference in every motion.

The 3-jaw chuck supports objects with sizes up to 170 length × 68 radius (mm) with the tailstock or 225 length × 68 radius (mm) without the tailstock. You can also use a compatible chuck on the market.

The Snapmaker 2.0 Rotary Module is compatible with all current and future addons. Using the rotary module in combination with the emergency stop button ensures an even safer working environment.

The Snapmaker 2.0 Rotary Module is compatible with the A250 and A350 models.

Rotary Module
Snapmaker 2.0 Rotary Module
 By adding a 4-axis, the rotary module enables your Snapmaker to rotary CNC carve and laser.
Emergency Stop Button

The Snapmaker 2.0 Emergency Stop Button is designed to provide an extra layer of safety for 3D printing, laser engraving, and CNC carving. Simply press the stop button and your operation will come to a halt. 


The Snapmaker 2.0 Emergency Stop Button can be installed practically anywhere, which means you can easily access the stop button when it matters most. Imagine if you wanted to salvage your art piece or the bit was about to crash into the machine, you pressed the stop button without thinking and further potential harm was prevented.


The Snapmaker 2.0 Emergency Stop Button connects to the main controller of the machine. It sends a stop signal to the controller at your command and has glowing status indicators, green for standby, flashing red for activated, and alternating between green and red for connecting, so you know you are protected.

Emergency Stop Button
Emergency Stop Button
Air Purifier

Chemicals such as PM (Particle Matters) and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) can be released when you 3D print with or laser engrave on certain types of materials. You can further filter them with a Snapmaker 2.0 Air Purifier.

Overall features:

  • Tailor-made Filter Cartridge for PM and VOCs filtration

  • High filtration efficiency of 95.9% for PM0.3

  • Real-time monitoring on the Filter Cartridge status and lifespan

  • Fan speed control

  • Color Status Light

  • Consistent full-metal design

  • Compatible with all current and future Snapmaker 2.0 addons

air purifier
Snapmaker 2.0 Air Purifier
Snapmaker 2.0 Air Purifier connected to the Enclosure

The CAN Hub is a 4-in-1 docking station designed to extend the 4-pin ports of Snapmaker 2.0 product series to allow the connection of Enclosure, Air Purifier, Emergency Stop Button and other upcoming addons. Peripheral devices attached to CAN Hub can connect neatly via a single cable to the Add-on 3 port on the Controller, allowing effortless charging and data transfer.

With one port in and four ports out, the CAN Hub comes in handy when you want to connect multiple addons to the Snapmaker 2.0 product series at the same time. You can also daisy chain CAN Hubs to integrate more addons into your Snapmaker 2.0 system.

The CAN Hub can be easily installed on the Snapmaker 2.0 3-in-1 3D Printers or the Enclosures and is basically plug-and-play. Moreover, its five identical ports can function as either input or output ports as you need.


  1. This product is compatible with the 4-pin addons of the Snapmaker 2.0 series.

  2. This product can be connected to only the Add-on 3 port on the Controller or the 4-pin ports on the Enclosure Converter. Do not connect the CAN Hub to the Heated Bed port on the Controller.

  3. When installing this product on the Enclosure, ensure the ports face upward so that the cables does not get in the way when you open the side folding door.

  4. CAN hub is necessary if you want to use Snapmaker 2.0 Rotary module and Air Purifier at the same time.

Snapmaker 2.0 CAN Hub
10W High Power Laser

The 10W Laser Module—compatible with the Snapmaker 2.0 A350T/A250T, F350/F250 and A350/A250—is equipped with the most cutting-edge laser beam splitters, effecting a power leap from 5W to 10W. This means you can now play with a wider variety of materials and hammer out more projects.

Meanwhile, the work speed of the 10W Laser Module can be as high as 6000 mm/min, while cutting through basswoods as thick as 8 mm[2]. To put that into perspective, the cutting speed is up to 8 times that of the 1.6W Laser Module[3]. It can literally fulfill a laser job in a blink of an eye.

Overall Features :

  • 10W High Power

  • Auto Focus

  • Upgraded Camera Capture

  • Tailor-made Software

  • Supports more than 20 kinds of materials for engraving and more than 10 for cutting

  • 8 times the Speed of the 1.6W Laser Module

  • Maximum Cutting Depth: 8 mm Bassword

10W High Power Laser
Snapmaker 10W High Power Laser module
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