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BrainCo Neuromaker Chalenge

NeuroMaker grew out of the Harvard Innovation Lab. They develop cognitive training technology products and apply their expertise in machine learning, design, and neuroscience to create innovative cognitive-based applications.

We're excited to bring you the:

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This product is available in all states.
Hand - 2.0

NeuroMaker Hand - 2.0

Build, code, customize, and reimagine the future of prosthesis with hands-on learning and real industry BioSensors capturing brainwaves, muscle signals, hand motions, and beyond

  • A buildable, programmable, customizable and reusable prosthetic hand kit originated from a real-industry prothesis.

  • Control of finger movements and plug-andplay sensor integration with no coding needed.

  • Program the Hand and its BioSensors using block-based coding or Arduino C, all in browser.

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NeuroMaker Hand 2.0
BioSensor Kit

NeuroMaker BioSensor Kit

AI-powered BioSensors from real prosthetic hands, now accessible for students to build, code, and learn. These plug-and-play sensors easily integrate with the NeuroMaker Hand, enabling the measurement of EMG (muscle signals), tracking hand motion, and detecting colors, temperature, magnetic filed, and more.


You can use up to six sensors simultaneously, programming them directly in your browser for a variety of tasks. They are also compatible with most other microcontrollers.

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NeuroMaker BioSensor Kit

NeuroMaker Hand - Maker Edition

The NeuroMaker Hand engages educators and learners to explore STEM fields with an easy to implement, easy to scale kit modeled after real award-winning technology. Through provided curriculum, hardware and programming tools, educators can excite students in Computer Science, STEM, Career Technical Education technology fields, Biomedical Engineering, Biotech and afterschool programs. Whether you are looking for a full class solution or an addition to your current tools, the STEM hand can add excitement and skill-building activities from one day to full semester timeframes.

View the flyer.

Scale STEM Easily
The STEM Hand's unique design provides teachers with a scalable platform into STEM with confidence. Instructional materials provide teachers of all levels to get their students building immediately with a step by step introduction to high tech concepts. Simply plug and play this solution into your learning environment without the hassle of non-stop professional development.

Cross-Curricular Compatibility
Bring a hands on "wow" factor into multiple classes and out storage! The STEM hand's provided modular curriculum and easy set up aligns with class activities in middle and high school Lab Sciences, Computer Science, Robotics, Biotechnology, Biomedical Engineering, Science Writing, Engineering Design and more.

Career Pathways Exploration and Inspiration
No more paper towel roll experiments! Allow students to explore STEM career fields with materials and curriculums based on real world technology. Explore the engineering design process like a real engineer or design and build your own prosthetic solution to real world challenges in Biomedical Engineering.

Advance to the Next Level
Want to bring your new skills to the next level? Get involved with the Neuromaker Creative Competition and create your own unique solution to a real world global issue using the NeuroMaker Hand and submit it to a group of engineers for review. All submissions are reviewed online, removing the distance, cost, organization and time needed from in person STEM events. Join us from anywhere in the world!

Modular and Expandable Curriculums
NeuroMaker Hand compatible curriculums are organized into individual activities, units and full class curriculum packs. Choose which content is right for you and get right to building! Lessons are aligned with NGSS, CSTA, ISTE and other standards.  These include:

Webinar Series - Webinars are available with lots of help and information about using the NeuroMaker Hand kit.

Curriculum Packs
Lesson plans for all different elements of Computer Science, Engineering, Lab Sciences, Biotech and more. Curriculum units include:

  • Project Guided Assembly - Assemble the NeuroMaker Hand while learning Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and assembly techniques. Teacher guides provide a full walkthrough of learning goals to assess student learning throughout the build process

  • Biotech and Biomedical Exploration - Learn where STEM mixes with Biology and Medicine through discovering high tech applications in modern contexts. Students jump into the world of Biotechnology and Biomedical Engineering through guided lessons in Body Systems, Neuroscience, Brain Machine Interfaces, and an investigation into how Biomechanics integrate with human hand prosthetics. Students are then tasked with creating their own high tech prosthetic to address an issue of their choosing.

  • Engineering Design - Organize your class like a real engineering team. Guide students through the steps of the engineering design process and learn how prototypes are created and refined. Complete the class with an engineering design challenge creating an application of a robotic hand through constant design iterations.

  • Life and Physical Sciences - Bring hands on STEM learning to your lab sciences. Modules covering energy, motion and friction and body systems align with curriculum needs in Middle School and High School Lab Sciences.

  • Introduction to Programming - Bring a tangible, hands on addition to digital programming. Students learn the fundamentals of programming through project based learning activities and open ended STEM workshops.

  • Neuromaker Challenge - Apply your STEM knowledge to a Creative Challenge modeling solving real world issues! The Neuromaker Creative Challenge allows students to choose their own real world issue to tackle using the STEM hand as common shared hardware. Learn the basics of the challenge and structure your project efficiently with this introduction.

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NeuroMaker STEM Hand flyer cover
The NeuroMaker Hand
Students working with the NeuroMaker Hand
Students working with the NeuroMaker Hand
Students working with the NeuroMaker Hand
Hand - Maker Edition

NeuroMaker BCI

NeuroMaker BCI combines a comfortable cutting-edge, AI-powered EEG headband with activities and games that introduce students to neuroscience, machine learning, signal processing, as well as the ethical implications and impact of brain-computer interface. It can also be integrtated with most microcontrollers for coding.

What does the BCI Curriculum/ Activity Look Like?


  • Visualize brainwaves, focus level, relaxation and learn fundamentals of neuroscience.

  • Record, process and analyze EEG data.

  • Play games controlled by brainwave.

  • Connect and control the NeuroMaker Hand using brainwave.

  • Control anything with it- integrate BCI into other microcontrollers and coding platforms!

  • With NeuroRacing, control the race car using BCI.

Please contact your Regional Manager for more information.

NeuroMaker BCI headband

NeuroMaker Hand Repair Kit

The NeuroMaker Repair Kit is stocked with additional consumables and spare parts frequently used or missing. This kit is thoughtfully curated to prolong the utility of your NeuroMaker Hand, saving you both time and expenses involved in separate purchases. Each kit is designed to support 3 to 4 Hands.

Please contact your Regional Manager for more information.

Hand Repair Kit
NeuroMaker Hand Repair Kit


Unlock your brain's potential and control the speed of a car with your brain! NeuroRacing is the perfect addition to any STEM Makerspace room. NeuroMaker BCI's EEG headband measures students' ability to focus to determine the speed of their car going around the slot car track. Setting up is easy- you only need a Windows laptop and a TV/monitor.

With NeuroRacing, students can not only custom build their track but also learn techniques to better focus in a fun and engaging way. NeuroRacing is an excellent way for the students to learn and compete during their time in the STEM Makerspace room to see who can increase (and maintain!) their focus and win the race.

What’s included?


  • 2 or 4 BCI Headbands

  • NeuroRacing Control Box, Lap Counter and Accessories

  • NeuroRacing Software

  • A complete set of Carrera® Digital 132 2-lane or 4-lane track

  • Wireless Router

  • Instructions and Training Materials

Please contact your Regional Manager for more information.


NeuroMaker Curriculum

Unlike other STEM products, all of NeuroMaker's Curriculum is included with purchase. That's 100+ hours of interdisciplinary content spanning Biomedical Engineering, Programming, Brain-Computer Interface Technology, and more!

  • Comprehensive Lesson Plans - Our Comprehensive Lesson Plans are exhaustive lesson maps that include resources and teaching scaffolds designed to support all educators from interns to seasoned veteran STEM instructors.

  • One Page Lesson Plans - Our One Page Lesson Plans serve as helpful outlines of the critical features of the lesson while still delivering all of the foundational components that educators need to feel supported.

  • Assessment Menus - Deviating from the traditional exit ticket or evaluation, our Assessment Menus provide students with choice around how they can best demonstrate what they've learned. Students can choose to write, speak aloud, draw, and more!

  • Background Documents - Educator Background Documents remove a step of the preparation process for educators - time intensive research! We have articles that precede NeuroMaker lessons to ensure educators feel confident and prepared.

  • Student Lab Notes - Our lesson plans are anchored around student experience - as can be seen in our Student Lab Notes. Students use Lab Notes to brainstorm, design, and project plan independently and in groups to ensure they retain and incorporate knowledge.

  • Presentation Decks - To scaffold class discussion and help solidify NeuroMaker routines, Presentation Decks are chock full of information, discussion prompts, and project directions, that both help educators teach and students learn in a variety of modalities.

  • Supplemental Materials - NeuroMaker's ever growing library of supplemental materials include vivid infographics, informational articles, and fast-fact sheets to guide your students through the beginning stages of research projects and spark passion across all facets of STEM!

Please contact your Regional Manager for more information.

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