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Bid Contracts

Learning Labs, Inc. has established bid contracts with several states/counties throughout our southeast sales region.  Those bids are listed below.  For those that are links, you may need to supply a password before you can access the page.  If you don't have that information, please contact Laura Holbert.

  • Osceola County Bid No. SDOC-19-B-105-IL, Classroom Supplies & Equipment Percentage Off Catalog Discount Bid, good to 10/4/25

  • Volusia County Bid No. CL-506GH, Teaching Aids, Equipment and Supplies, good from 12/1/21 - 11/30/22

  • Hernando School District Bid No. 17-785/207-37, Section 1: Classroom Instructional Materials, Supplies & Equipment Catalog, good from 07/01/2020 through 06/30/23


  • Kentucky Community & Technical College System (KCTCS) Price Contract Number PCT-00592, including 10% discount from Miller Welding Equipment (excluding virtual welders), is good from 4/15/22 - 4/14/24

  • Kentucky Community & Technical College System (KCTCS) Price Contract Number PCT-00570, including Intelitek, Mobile Modular, Nida, and TII, is good from 12/1/21 - 11/30/23

  • KEDC Bid #CLS2022 - Catalog bid - to 12/31/23

North Carolina
  • Department of Administration Division of Purchase & Contract, Bid No. 201700389, Teaching Equipment, Electricity/Electronics Courses, good from 8/16/20 - 2/15/23 with two additional one-year terms (optional)

  • Knox County Procurement Division Bid No. 18-153/2657, Advanced Manufacturing Lab Equipment, good from 5/1/22 - 4/30/23

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