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ATech Training, Inc. was founded in 1984 with a desire to develop products that would aid instructors in presenting a hands on approach to teaching and learning the skills of diagnosing and repairing automobiles. 

With this vision, ATech has become a world leader in the design and development of world class “Trainers” and courseware for the Automotive OEM, Secondary Education, Community College, Military and Technical Schools.

In January 2005, ATech became the only training equipment designer/manufacturer in the world to be Continuing Automotive Service Education (CASE™) certified by the Automotive Service Association (ASE™).

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ATech offers a variety of products including:

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ATech's latest catalog
Automobile Systems Trainers

Each automotive system is spread out throughout the vehicle.  These trainers bring each part of a system together in a compact format allowing the student to understand all the components involved in the function of that system.

Trainers include:

  • Automotive Systems

    • Starting System 

    • Charging System

    • Lighting System

    • Wiper/Washer System

    • Power Window System

    • Power Seat System

    • GMLAN Network System

    • Smarter Car

  • Brakes

    • ABS/TCS System​

    • Drum/Disc Brake Trainer

  • Heating and Air Conditioning

    • Air Conditioning Full System​

    • Blower Control System

    • Engine Cooling Fan System

    • Fan Speed Control Trainer

  • Suspension and Steering

    • Supplemental Inflatable Restraint System​

    • Suspension and Steering System

  • Transmission and Transaxle

    • Electronic Automatic Transaxle​

    • Electronic Automatic Transmission

    • Manual Transaxle

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ATech Model 500 Suspension and Steering System Trainer
ATech Model 821C Lighting System Trainer
Computer Based Instruction

Hands-on activities provide "need-to-know" reinforcement, while computer controlled diagnosis provides troubleshooting practice and competency testing

Programs include:

  • Automotive Electricity​

  • Charging System Troubleshooting

  • Starter System Troubleshooting

  • Engine Performance Troubleshooting Trainer

  • Engine Control Computer Based Trainer

  • Troubleshooting Skill Development

  • S.E.T. Virtual Trainer

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ATech Model 2815 Starter System Troubleshooting Program

Cutaways have sections of the part cut out in order to expose the internal components. The sectioned parts are painted with different colors to differentiate the various components.

Cutaways include:

  • Automotive

    • A/C Compressor​

    • Alternator

    • GM Motor

    • Hybrid

    • Manual Transmission (FWD)

    • Manual Transmission (RWD)

    • Power Steering Pump

    • Rack and Pinion

    • Rear Axles

    • Starter

    • Transfer Case

  • Diesel

    • Common Rail​

    • Diesel Rotary Pump

    • Diesel Scroll Metering Pump

    • Diesel Sleeve Metering Pump

  • Planetary Gear

  • Small Engine

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ATech Model 360 Special Hybrid Cutaway
ATech Model 6682 Diesel Rotary Pump Cutaway
Electrical Trainers

Electrical and electronic systems represent the largest content in vehicles. Many mechanical and vacuum controls are being replaced with electrical control. The trend is for an increase in electronics usage in vehicles.

Trainers include:

  • Fault Trainer​ (Electrical/PWM)

  • Applied Electrical Trainer

  • Electromechanical Trainer

  • Troubleshooting Trainer

  • Electricity Trainer

  • Electronics Trainer

  • GM "Specialized Electronics Training" (SET)

  • GM S.E.T. Troubleshooting Trainer

  • S.E.T. Virtual Trainer

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ATech Model 4820 Electromechanical Trainer
Engine Performance Trainers

From small to large, these trainers focus on what makes the engine run and operate.

Trainers include:

  • Engine Repair and Start Cart

  • GM ODB II System

  • Intermittent Fault Box

  • Electronic Ignition System

  • Integrated Electronic Ignition System

  • Direct Ignition (GM) System

  • Injector/Fuel Pump System

  • Evaporative Emission System

  • Light/Medium Duty

    • Automotive Technology Trainer​

    • Engine Performance Trainer

    • Engine Performance (Bio-Fuel) Trainer

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ATech Model 90 Engine Repair Trainer Shown with optional Start Cart
Medium/Heavy Duty Truck Trainers

Modern medium/heavy duty trucks are required to meet emissions standards. Engines are computer controlled and include many electronic components and systems.

Trainers include:

  • Diesel Engine Performance

    • Diesel Engine Trainer

    • Diesel Engine Trainer (Heavy Duty)

    • Diesel Injection Pump Trainer

    • Diesel System Trainer

    • On Vehicle Diesel Trainer

  • Air Brakes

    • Tractor System​

    • Trailer System

    • Three Axel System

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ATech Model 650HD Diesel Engine Performance Trainer
Automotive Controller Area Network (CAN)

Because of modern technology, today's automobiles are smarter than ever. The car's sophisticated brain communicates with the many automotive systems via a network not unlike the human nervous system. The de facto standard in modern transportation is a platform called the Controller Area Network, or CAN.

The Controller Area Network (CAN) is a serial bus communications protocol developed by Bosch in the early 1980s. It defines a standard for efficient and reliable communication between sensor, actuator, controller, and other nodes in real-time applications. CAN is the de facto standard in a large variety of networked embedded control systems. 

CAN is found in a variety of passenger cars, trucks, boats, spacecraft, and other types of vehicles. In the automotive industry, embedded control has grown from stand-alone systems to highly integrated and networked control systems. By networking electro-mechanical subsystems, it becomes possible to modularize functionalities and hardware, which facilitates reuse and adds capabilities.

Combining networks and mechatronic modules makes it possible to reduce both the cabling and the number of connectors, which facilitates production and increases reliability. Introducing networks in vehicles also makes it possible to more efficiently carry out diagnostics and to coordinate the operation of the separate subsystems.

*Much of this information was derived from a paper entitled Vehicle Applications of Controller Area Network by Karl Henrik Johansson, Martin Törngren, and Lars Nielsen.

ATech Corporation has developed a robust series of trainers and multi-media courseware to support the CAN platform. 


The series includes:

  • Starting System

  • Charging System

  • Lighting System

  • Wiper/Washer System

  • Power Window System

  • Power Door Lock System

  • Power Seat System

  • And GMLAN Network System

For more details on each of these trainers and associated courseware, download the CAN Platform catalog (PDF).


View ATech's latest catalog.


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ATech CAN Platform catalog

Click the image above to download the PDF of the CAN Platform catalog.

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