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TII Technical Education Systems (TII) is an internationally known technological leader in providing hands-on learning systems focusing on fundamentals through advanced principles of technology.


TII’s broad product line offers instruction in each of the major areas of technology skills training used in industrial systems today: Power Technology, Control Systems, and Integrated Automation.


Training systems include state-of-the-art laboratory equipment and a proprietary line of curricula, teaching aids and software that complement the high-quality hardware products. These uniquely designed training systems can function as stand-alone modules or integrated with other TII products to provide a comprehensive training program in a self-paced or instructor facilitated learning environment.


TII offers multiple levels of trainers:

  • Technology Fundamentals - TII’s Technology Fundamentals series of training systems are designed to introduce students to the basic principles of power technology from electricity, mechanical, and fluid power to sensors and PLC control.

  • Advanced Systems - TII’s Advanced Systems series builds on the introductory principles learned in the Technology Fundamentals program by applying and extending that knowledge into an in-depth focus on the technology being studied. Real world practitioner training, applications and systems integration are an integral part of the study.    

  • PAS Modules - TII’s series of PLC Application Simulation Modules (PAS-SIM) are designed for students to learn about PLC programming and control in an application environment that simulates real-world processes without the cost of actually using or purchasing the real-world hardware.    

  • Integrated Automation - TII offers three levels of CIM systems designed to fit your needs and budget. From Tabletop CIM to Mini CIM to full CIM systems featuring overhead gantry robots. These teaching systems emphasize manufacturing's progression into high technology.​


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Please contact your Regional Manager for more information, or use the links above to gain access to more specific information.


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