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CM Labs is the leading vendor for simulation-based training in the construction and ports industries.  Developer of Vortex Studio, the industry-leading platform for creating real-time interactive simulations within virtual environments, CM Labs provides capabilities for training simulators, mission rehearsal, serious games, virtual prototyping, and testing.

Learning Labs is proud to represent all CM Labs products, but we're focusing on their:


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Forklift Simulator Training
Forklift Simulator Training

With the Forklift Simulator Training Pack, trainees learn to safely operate a forklift and avoid common hazards such as overturns and collisions. It’s the only solution on the market that accurately replicates machine instability when executing maneuvers like tight turns, driving down a slope, and rapid braking with a load. CM Lab’s forklift simulator training pack is a comprehensive solution that pushes learning beyond minimum requirements with certification preparation and advanced exercises such as loading a ramp. The result is safer and more competent operators.

The Forklift Simulator Training Pack is designed for CM Labs’ Edge series of simulators, including the portable Vortex Edge Plus as well as the motion-enabled Vortex Edge Max:

  • Vortex Edge Plus - Designed for maximum portability and simple set up, the desktop Vortex Edge Plus simulator makes it easy and affordable for organizations to run CM Labs’ full catalogue of construction and forestry equipment training packs anytime, anywhere. It is the ideal training solution for the classroom or on the go, and a great way to quickly assess the skill level of heavy equipment operators. Its ease of transport makes the Vortex Edge Plus an optimal hands-on tool for attracting talent at job fairs and career development events.

  • Vortex Edge Plus flyer

  • Vortex Edge Max - Packed with CM Labs’ award-winning technology, the Vortex Edge Max simulator is an entry-level tool that develops transferable operator skills.  With a rugged, stripped down design that minimises simulator costs, the Vortex Edge Max is built to the same uncompromising standard that has made CM Labs the largest construction simulator vendor in the world.  The Vortex Edge Max can also be connected with other CM Labs simulators to enable cooperative crew training exercises.

  • Vortex Edge Max flyer

  • Vortex Advantage - The Vortex Advantage is an immersive training simulator that’s been developed to stay relevant to your training goals — today as well as tomorrow.  With different options and configurations, it’s a fit for training programs of all sizes and budgets.  The Vortex Advantage is built to grow with you, whether you’re training one-on-one or entire classrooms. Select from one, three, or five screens, or add motion to reproduce the feel of equipment in motion, including vibration, impact, acceleration, and overload conditions.

  • Vortex Advantage flyer

Download the Forklift Datasheet.

Watch the Forklift Training Pack Web Demo

CM Labs' Vortex Edge Plus simulator
CM Labs' Vortex Edge Max Simulator
CM Labs' Vortex Advantage Simulator
Earthmoving Equipment Training Packs
Earthmoving Equipment Training Packs

CM Labs' earthmoving equipment simulator training packs are powered by decades of innovation and research into dirt simulation, so trainees learn proper digging, loading, and dumping techniques that transfer to the work site. With self-paced learning exercises, trainees can work independently to develop safe work habits that get real-world results.

Training packs include:

  • Backhoe Simulator Training Pack highlights the versatility of this “jack of all trades,” with exercises designed to teach operators the full potential of the equipment. It’s the only solution on the market that is capable of simulating a backhoe’s backlash and instability.  Thanks to this capability, the Backhoe Simulator Training Pack is ideal for teaching novices critical transferable skills, such as how to leverage backhoe flexibility, and control its center of gravity for maximal efficiency on the job site.

    View the datasheet

  • Excavator Simulator Training Pack features the world’s first commercial application of CM Labs’ innovative approach to soil simulation. This realism immerses trainees in a virtual environment that promotes rapid skills acquisition — from excavating and trenching, to trailer loading, safety corridor management, working with Trimble® Earthworks Grade Control Platform, and more.  With built-in scoring, pedagogy that encourages self-directed learning, and challenges that encourage trainees to use their own operating judgment, the Hydraulic Excavator Simulator Training Pack enables trainees to develop a sense of initiative and responsibility that transfers to the work site.

    View the datasheet

  • Dozer Simulator Training Pack - a powerful training tool for both novice and experienced operators. It’s the only solution on the market that makes it possible to train for complex dozer leveling and grading techniques, thanks to its innovative soil and machine simulation.  Trainees can perform both heavy excavation and fine grading with the 6-way blade, and manage their work zone by controlling dump truck positioning. This encourages the development of operator accuracy and efficiency, in an immersive, risk-free environment.

    View the datasheet

  • Wheel Loader Simulator Training Pack - an immersive training tool for loader operations. It incorporates CM Labs’ advanced soil simulation, which reproduces bucket/ground interactions with the highest fidelity available today.  Wheel loader operators learn safe and efficient techniques in an open environment with multiple possible solutions, leaving them to exercise skills, creativity, and good judgment, just as in the real world.

    View the datasheet

  • Motor Grader Simulator Training Pack - provides a complete learning solution for grader operations, from controls familiarization to fine grading techniques. The most advanced grader simulation available today, it’s the only solution on the market to incorporate real-time operator scoring, advanced earthmoving simulation technology, and real-life advanced effects such as side-draft. The training pack also incorporates self-guided learning features, including previews of each training exercise, and best-practice hints.

    View the datasheet


Backhoe Simulator Training Pack

Excavator Simulator Training Pack

Dozer Simulator Training Pack

Wheel Loader Simulator Training Pack

Motor Grader Simulator Training Pack

Instructor Operating Station
Instructor Operating Station

With the Instructor Operating Station (IOS), you can initiate exercise sessions, monitor operations from your seat, and challenge trainees by exposing them to a wide range of tasks and job site conditions.

It is the only solution on the market that provides instructors with a real-time 3D view of learning progress, from any vantage point on the virtual work site.

The IOS also allows you to control virtual characters within the training environment for an “on the ground” perspective, or use the built-in signaler functionality to provide virtual hand signals to the operator.

View the datasheet

Instructor Operating Station

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