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Since the company began in 1972, Nida Corporation has grown to become a world leader in the development, design, and installation of sophisticated electronics training systems. Born of the aerospace industry, Nida initially was challenged to meet the expanding and demanding requirements of military high-technology training. In the early 1980s Nida was one of the first training development companies to offer all of our courseware in computer assisted instruction (CAI) format. In the mid-nineties, Nida began providing performance-based technical training in a distance education format, linking training institutions with students in remote areas around the globe. Today, Nida Corporation is the pacesetter for the field of technical training. Nida training systems stand out as the first choice of the United States Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, and Coast Guard. Nida is dedicated to meeting the constantly changing world of advanced electronics training while remembering our roots by providing the very best in fundamental electronics training packages.


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Please visit Nida's website or contact your Regional Manager for more information, or use the links above to gain access to more specific information.


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The Nida Model 1431A trainer is designed specifically to teach automotive students about basic test equipment and the electronics found in today’s automobile. The training provides a non-intimidating, hands-on environment to beginning students plus a challenging, investigative environment for more advanced students. Curriculum is developed in a competency based format and delivered in both hardcopy and computer assisted instruction media. Computer required for CAI format. Includes NIDA 130ST.

Please view Nida's Model 1431A PDF or contact your Regional Manager for more information.


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One of the cards in the Nida Model 1431 card set.

The aircraft technician must have a solid understanding of electronics and circuit analysis to troubleshoot and repair increasingly complex airframe, power plant, and avionics systems in a wide variety of commercial, military, and general aviation aircraft. The Nida Model 1438 series of programs was specifically designed to meet the electronic training needs of today's aviation schools by providing systematic training in the fundamentals of aircraft electrical and electronic systems. 


Please view the Aviation Lesson and Objective Listing PDF covering Nida's Model 1438 series or contact your Regional Manager for more information.

All of the programs above work with the Model 130E board referenced below.


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One of the cards in the Nida Model 1438 card set.
The Nida Model 130ST trainer.

The Model 130ST Trainer is the most versatile part-task trainer ever developed by Nida Corporation. This trainer supports all existing Nida legacy experiment cards and all new “Fast Track” experiment cards. The “ST” designator in the trainer’s name represents an array of Smart Technologies that include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, system monitoring, self-tests, and user feedback. The “ST” also refers to the intuitive, interactive and versatile relationship between Student and Teacher. The four-way communication between lesson, student, teacher, and trainer is a uniquely Nida interaction.

The Model 130ST Trainer is designed for use with many training environments including, traditional computer based training supported by desktop computer systems; flexible delivery supported by a student tablet interface; Nida online eLearning; and stand-alone lab manual instruction. Regardless of instructional method, the Model 130ST Trainer manages voltages, current, and fault conditions used during investigative and troubleshooting experiments. All experimentation is focused towards live, hands-on use of real test equipment.

View the Nida 130ST flyer.

See the specs on the 130ST.


Please view  or contact your Regional Manager for more information.


The Nida Model 130ST flyer

Nida offers the model 360s systems trainer, designed to teach the skills and knowledge of technical troubleshooting using the systems thinking approach.  The model 360s combines theoretical systems concepts with hands-on troubleshooting practice using an array of mix and match circuit boards that emulates the functions of real-world technical systems.  The model 360s systems trainer includes the "Introduction to Basic Systems" card set.  Other systems available include:


  • Basic Systems

  • Alternative Energy Systems

    • Wind Energy Systems

    • Solar Energy Systems

    • Home Energy Systems

    • Energy Storage Systems

  • Industrial Process and Control Systems

  • Fire, Security, and Access Control Systems

  • 3-Phase Power Systems

  • Inventory Control Systems

  • Biomedical Systems


View a Computer Assisted Instruction Lesson/Objective Listing PDF or contact your Regional Manager for more information.


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nida model 360s systems trainer troubleshooting
Industrial Maintenance: Motors and Motor Controls
Nida's Model 1432 Basic Motors card set
Nida Model 170 Motor Control Systems card
Industrial Maintenance: Motors and Motor Controls

The Basic Motors experiment card set is designed for use with Nida Model 130 series training consoles. This course introduces the students to rotating machinery, DC motors and generators, stepper motors and AC motors and generators. Torque, counter electromotive force, loads, power and efficiency are discussed and reinforced with hands-on experiments measuring signals in the control circuits.


Please view Nida's Model 1432 PDF or contact your Regional Manager for more information.


The Motor Control Systems card set is designed for use with Nida Model 130 series training consoles. DC series field and brushless motors, pulse width modulation and amplification, open loop motor system, motion detection, error detection and feedback, closed loop systems, position detection and PID control systems are taught in theory with an emphasis on hands-on operation and experiments.


Please view Nida's Model 170 PDF or contact your Regional Manager for more information.


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nida model 5050 plc
Industrial Maintenance: PLCs
Industrial Maintenance: PLCs

The Model 5050 uses an Allen-Bradley MicroLogix 1200 to introduce the student to the basic concepts of programmable logic controllers and explain why the PLC has become a major component of today's automated industries. Practical experiments provide hands-on troubleshooting skills designed to isolate peripheral hardware failures.


Please view Nida's PLC Lesson and Objective Listing PDF or contact your Regional Manager for more information.


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Manufacturing: Residential Wiring
Manufacturing: Residential Wiring

The demand for quality residential electricians is skyrocketing as communities expand to meet the housing requirements of a growing nation. New construction and the renovation of older homes require electricians with a solid knowledge of electrical principles and the ability to perform troubleshooting and repairs on increasingly more complex residential circuitry. Today’s homes boast alarm systems, remotely controlled circuits, intelligent appliances, pools, spas, and communications systems. The Nida Residential Wiring Program is specifically designed to prepare entry-level technicians to install, troubleshoot and repair electrical circuits found in today’s residential buildings. From understanding blueprints to wiring a Smart House system, the Nida Residential Wiring Program takes the student through the concepts and principles of power distribution, circuit loading, illumination, wiring practices and safety.


Please view Nida's Residential Wiring PDF or contact your Regional Manager for more information.


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