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Questech, Inc. is committed to providing quality hands-on products to Career and Technical educators that challenge students and provide skills to prepare them for the careers of today and tomorrow.  Specifically, they have two main product lines:



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Construction Zone
Construction Zone

The Construction Zone product line consists of 33 workstations representing 25 different skilled trades. Each workstation includes a ten hour, hands on work experience and comes complete with curriculum, professional tools, equipment, and supplies.

Construction Zone workstations prepare students and adults for careers in construction trades. Our hands-on workstations provide a safe work experience, equipped with professional tools for each trade. Each workstation is designed to integrate math, science, reading, and writing skills, and includes a comprehensive curriculum making it a complete educational system from start to finish.

Workstation Curriculum Packages
Each Construction Zone Workstation comes equipped with a self-directed curriculum package. Academic concepts are reinforced as students understand the real-life applications of math, science, and reading. Hands-on activities motivate students to learn and to demonstrate what they have learned.  These packages include:

  • curriculum manual

  • student workbook

  • student work order

  • answer sheets

  • instructor's guide


Workstation Styles

Three styles are offered depending on the workstation topic:

  • stand-up workstation - designed to represent a home or other structure in a rough construction phase; a see-through locking tool cabinet, built into one wall of the workstation, has a clear polycarbonate door, which is removable for easy access to tools

  • covered locking desk workstation - accommodates up to five individual class periods; includes a see-through lift top that allows a visual inventory of tools

  • desk style workstation with locking tool drawer


Below is a list of the available workstations:

  • Air Conditioning

  • Architectural Structures

  • Bricklayer

  • Building from Blueprints

  • Cabinetmaker

  • Cement Mason

  • Construction Measurement

  • Drafting (mechanical)

  • Drywall Installation

  • Electric Motor Repair

  • Electrical Wiring / Electrician

  • Floor Covering Installers

  • Glazer/Window Installer & Repair

  • Hydraulics

  • Insulation Installer

  • Landscape Design

  • Machinist

  • Painter

  • Plumber

  • Pneumatics

  • Power Mechanics/Small Engine Repair

  • Residential Plumbing

  • Residential Wiring

  • Roofer

  • Sheet Metal

  • Telecommunications Technician

  • Tile Setter

  • Wall Coverings Installer

  • Welder

View the catalog.

Please contact your Regional Manager for more information.

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Questech's Construction Zone Hands-on Workstations
Questech's Construction Zone Workstation Curriculum Manual
Glazier/Window Installer workstation
Cabinetmaker workstation
Construction measurement workstation
Questech Construction Zone catalog
Green Collar Zone

Green Collar Zone hands-on alternative energy trainers prepare students and adults for careers in the growing green economy.

Solar Panel Installer, Wind Energy Technician, and Weatherization Technician are real jobs in the sustainable energy arena; Questech’s trainers make the technology easy to teach in the classroom.

STEM based curriculum integrates academic concepts into a safe work experience, using professional tools of each trade.


  • Solar Panel Installer - This workstation introduces students to the basic principles of solar power. It leads them through a series of hands-on activities to install a set of solar panels on a roof system using industry grade materials. Students work with a solar panel mounting system, solar panel roof anchors, electrical wire, storage batteries, power inverter, and solar charge controller, and tie all to a residential electrical service panel.

  • Wind Turbine Technician - This workstation introduces students to the principles of the power generating wind turbine. It leads them through a series of hands-on activities to assemble a wind turbine power generator, connect it to a power inverter and wire the inverter to an electrical service panel.

  • Weatherization Technician - In this workstation, students will perform a series of testing procedures as part of an Energy Audit, including a blower test to check for air leaks in the building, and a heat loss test to determine insulation quality and efficiency. They will learn about techniques used to insulate and seal a structure to improve its efficiency and weather tightness, then will perform the hands-on tasks to correct the inefficiencies. As an exercise in deconstruction, students will then remove all insulation, putty, and caulk to return the workstation to a ready state for the next rotation.


Please contact your Regional Manager for more information.


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Green Collar Zone
Questech's Green Collar Zone Energy Technologies
Solar energy trainer
Wind turbine trainer
Weatherization trainer
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