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3B Scientific is one of the world's leading manufacturers of Medical and Science Education solutions. The product portfolio covers a complete and comprehensive range of equipment for simulation and skill training, anatomy, healthcare and patient education, and is continuously updated with new products and innovations.


The 3B Scientific® Product Line includes:

Medical Education:

  • 3B Smart Anatomy Models

  • Complete Anatomy App

  • Anatomy Charts

  • Medical Simulators

  • Medical Skill Trainers

  • Health Education


Acupuncture and Therapy Supplies:

  • MOXOM and SEIRIN® Acupuncture Needles

  • Acupuncture Supplies

  • Physical Therapy and Fitness Equipment

  • Kinsesiology Tape

  • Massage Supplies and Treatment Tables


Natural Sciences Education

  • Physics Experiments and Student Lab Equipment

  • Biology Experiments and Models

  • Chemistry Experiments and Models

  • Zoology

Here's a link to their Medical Simulation catalog.

Please contact your Regional Manager for more information.

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Nikki the Nursing Manikin with Auscultation
SECTRA Virtual Dissection Table