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camInstructor is dedicated to bringing you the best Mastercam, SOLIDWORKS, and CNC machining training products available. Their goal is to offer a wide variety of Mastercam, SOLIDWORKS, and CNC Programming learning materials that appeal to your particular teaching or learning style.

camInstructor is designated as a Mastercam 3rd Party Partner by CNC Software.  Thus, camInstructor holds the prestige of a qualified organization that can offer Mastercam Training and Training Products in addition to being recognized as an industry leader in its field.

Since 2007, camInstructor has concentrated on and specialized ONLY on developing Mastercam training content.  This has resulted in the creation of objective training content for the manufacturing community.  Other interesting facts about camInstructor's Mastercam training credentials:

  • Over 50,000 people have used camInstructor to learn Mastercam and CNC Programming.

  • Over 1,000 organizations (mostly schools) have used camInstructor to help teach their students and employees learn Mastercam.

  • Number of certificates issued – over 875.

  • Well recognized companies such as Boeing and SpaceX have used our material to train their employees.

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