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Learning Labs is an academic PRO Landscape representative.  This means we can supply this industry-leading software to your school at incredible pricing.



Please contact your Regional Manager for more information, or use the links above to gain access to more specific information.


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PRO Landscape design software includes photo imaging, CAD specific for landscape design, night and holiday lighting, 3D rendering and complete customer proposals. And we’ve added PRO Landscape Companion for iPad and Android tablets so you can create landscape designs right on your tablet. You won’t find any other professional landscape design software that comes close to having the same level of tools for any design project you have. Features include:


Photo Imaging

Visually communicate design ideas to your customer using pictures of their own house. PRO Landscape includes the largest and best image library with over 18,000 high quality photographs of plants by climate zone, hardscapes, water features, statuary, outdoor kitchens and fireplaces, and much, much more. And of course you can easily add your own objects to the library. The image library includes detailed information about each plant that you can provide to your customers, including both common and botanical names, climate zones, flower color, flower season, description and more.


pro landscape image editor

Easy-to-use CAD

PRO Landscape has been built from the ground up for one purpose – to help you create stunning, accurate site plans with the shortest learning curve possible. Do you need to know CAD to create a plan? Absolutely not. PRO Landscape uses landscape terminology making it easy to learn as well as easy to use. Need to add edging? The command is Draw > Edging. Easy, fast and accurate.


pro landscape planner cad 2d scale drawing

Proposal Creation

PRO Landscape lets you create a professional-looking sales presentation in minutes! Your customer presentation can include a bid based on your prices and tax rate, a cover page with your company logo, material list and plant information with pictures. Your customers will be impressed when you present the best looking, most complete and accurate proposal they have ever seen. Only PRO Landscape lets you create your customer proposals from either your photo imaging or CAD designs. You arenʼt forced to make a CAD plan just to create a proposal. So, for those smaller jobs you can sell the customer using the photo imaging and then instantly creating the proposal.

3D Rendering

Just draw your CAD drawing as you normally would and click a button to turn it into 3D. All of the plant symbols from the drawing will become 3D objects using real photographs for the most realistic 3D look possible.

Night Lighting

To help you sell those lucrative lighting deals, PRO Landscape includes night lighting that allows you to place landscape light fixtures and automatically illuminate the design. Take a photograph of the house or building during the day, drag and drop from hundreds of light fixtures, show up lighting or down lighting and press a button to show what it looks like at night. The realism is impressive.

Please view the current PRO Landscape brochure or contact your Regional Manager for more information.


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PRO Landscapig's night lighting feature

Learning Labs has created a 30+ hour Landscape Design course featuring PRO Landscape. The course was designed using LearnMate by Intelitek.The fundamentals of landscape design are presented through rich multimedia content and an intuitive user interface. The course assumes no prior knowledge or experience in the landscape design field, and can be implemented with students ranging from middle school through the post-secondary level. For more on this course, please download the brochure, complete with a full outline.


Please contact your Regional Manager for more information.


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