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Sneak on the Lot's mission is to improve student’s knowledge and filmmaking skills while also simplifying the lives of video production teachers. In addition to the tools and all the curricula, they also host free seminars and film competitions.

Whether you are a seasoned instructor or an aspiring filmmaker, Sneak on the Lot puts the necessary tools in your hands to be successful on set and in the classroom.

This is accomplished via:

Use the links above or contact your Regional Manager for more information.  Also, we can provide you with temporary access to the website for freeJust let us know you're interested!

Watch the videos to the right for basic information about the website.

And for an even deeper dive into the course, watch the webinar below that Learning Labs did with Sneak on the Lot and some Georgia teachers.  This video provides great insight into the depth of the content and the available resources film students can use for their projects. 

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Online Multi-tier Curriculum

For the special educational cost of only $20 per seat annually (just $400 for 20 students) you get:

  • Curriculum - Fully integrated curriculum that guides individuals and groups through production.

  • Music - Royalty free music for that professional touch.  Nothing does more for a project than great music. Just the right song can turn an amateur project into a professional one. Download any of the 35,000 royalty free tracks and add instant professionalism to your student’s projects.

  • Sound Effects - Royalty free sound effects give your films that extra punch.  The bells of a church tower or the ringing of a phone. All of which are nothing without the magic of sound effects. 90% of motion picture is done in post-production, make your projects be heard.

  • Stock Footage - Over 4,500 royalty free clips that you can download and drop into your films. This footage adds that professional touch you’re looking for in your projects and it’s all free!

  • Tutorials - Over 100 filmmaking tutorials that guide your production.

  • Interviews - Hours and hours of professional interviews in your classroom.

  • Script Library - Classic and modern screenplays to read and study.

  • Glossary - Over 400 integrated filmmaking terms you’ll need to know.

  • Film Challenges - Take home prizes and recognition for your work.

Working alone or in a group, the instructional workflow combines entertainment and education into a single package that makes learning fun again. With 12 fully interactive courses that will guide students through the filmmaking process from development to distribution. 

The courses are designed to give users an in-depth look at many of the crew positions on a film. Working together or as individuals, students follow character pathways as they discover for themselves what roles best fit them.


  • Writer - A great script is the foundation for any good film. It’s also one of the most elusive of crafts. We’ll explain how it’s done and how to get you off on the right foot.

  • Producer - There is a reason the producer receives the award for Best Picture. It’s a big job and we’ll bring Oscar winning producers to the classroom to tell you how it’s done.

  • Director - The truth is anyone can direct. It’s not much more complicated than that. What we help you understand is the craft of filmmaking so you can make good stories great!

  • Director of Photography - This is a big one and no single course is gonna give you everything you need but we’ll provide a solid foundation for both the technical and artistic basics of cinematography.

  • Editor - Finding a talented editor is one of the most difficult positions to fill on a film. You will see why as we pull back the curtain and show you the ins and outs of post-production.

  • Critic - The role of the movie critic has been around nearly as long as cinema itself. It is important to understand what makes a film great, how to analyze story and put a review into words.

  • Green Screen - If you’ve worked with green screen then you know how difficult it can be to pull a good key. After taking this course you’ll never shoot another bad composite.

  • Intro to Lighting - A companion course to Director of Photography, this course covers the technical and artistic basics of lighting design and the equipment you’ll need for that professional polish.

  • A Guide Copyright - In a day where content is continuously stolen, we believe a strong background in copyright law is essential. By taking this course you’ll know what your rights are and how to protect them.

Please contact your Regional Manager for more information.


Sneak on the Lot flyer showing curriculum and workshops.
Summer Workshops​

Sneak On the Lot workshops were created to assist filmmakers and instructors in the classroom and give them personal experiences behind the scenes of a motion picture. This experience could then be taken back to their classrooms and be dispensed to their students.

In addition to participants working on a film in Hollywood, we provide regional workshops that are given in your local area.

To enable educators and students the best filmmaking knowledge possible, Sneak On The Lot offers a workshop that engages participants in the various stages of film production—from working on set with professionals to participating in various filmmaking workshops, Sneak On The Lot has a proven track record of thorough filmmaking training.

The complete package from soup to nuts.

  • 60 In-service Credit Hours - Earn valuable credit hours as you make a movie.

  • Hotel/Meal Included - Five nights at the beautiful Burbank Marriott with all your meals included.

  • Entertainment Provided - Submerge yourself in several nights of Hollywood culture.

  • Real World Experience - Work side-by-side professionals on the set of a short film.

  • Guest Speakers - Learn what it takes to make it in the biz, from professionals who have done it.

  • Software Training - Get trained on all aspects of the Sneak On The Lot website.


Please contact your Regional Manager for more information.


Summer Workshops
During the workshops all the participants work side-by-side with some of the best Hollywood professionals in the film industry.
Almost every night the participants are taken out on the town to see a few different sites.
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