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Clean Air Industries specializes in engineered solutions for welding smoke, oil mist, dust removal, plasma and laser cutting, and more.  Their products are used by some of the top manufacturing facilities and educational welding labs around the world to create crystal clean air in facilities all while saving on energy costs.

For the education market, we're focusing on these products:

Use the links above or contact your Regional Manager for more information.

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WeldStation Dual
WeldStation Dual

The Clean Air Industries WeldStation is the premiere solution used in hundreds of trade schools around the country.

Filtered Welding Booth: A welding booth solution that requires no additional accessories or Fume Arms.  Have your students simply walk into the booth and start welding.

Reduced Project Cost: A typical school welding lab weld fume extraction system requires ducting, installation, cement pour, wall penetrations, and the equipment itself.  With the WeldStation you eliminate most of that for a much lower cost per student at a much higher quality per student.

Standard VFD: Energy savings and the ability to increase or decrease the airflow power at will.

Flexibility: Ducted systems are permanent – if your layout changes or you need to expand your facility, it can be very expensive. The WeldStation layout can be changed quickly by simply moving the booths or buying more in expansion.

Quick Installation:  Self-Contained, Plug-and-play functionality reduces installation costs and allows for a speedy install. Simply get the WeldStation in place, drop in power and air, and get to teaching. No duct, less time, lower costs.

Made in the USA: From cutting the steel to welding and powder coating, all WeldStations are manufactured in our facility in Rome, Georgia.

Heavy Duty Construction: 12-gauge powder coated steel construction.

Dual or Single Configuration: Save floorspace and money by using our dual booth configuration allowing you to cover two students with each unit.

View the flyer!

For more information contact your Regional Manager.


Clean Air Industries' Dual WeldStation EVO
2x3 Down Draft Table
2x3 Down Draft Table

The Clean Air Industries Portable 2×3 Downdraft Table is the perfect solution if you’re looking for a quick and effective source capture weld fume extraction solution. With best in class airflow, your welders are able to simply walk up the table and get to work.

Performance:  Clean Air Industries’ 2×3 Portable Downdraft Table is best in class with 400 FPM of capture velocity, meaning you can still expect solid fume capture welding from about 2 feet off the table. See it in action below!

Keep Your Lenses Clean: By using a Downdraft Table, you capture the fumes before they can reach your breathing zone.  Aside from the obvious advantage of not using you lungs as a weld fume filter, you can keep your lenses clean so you’re not having to constantly change and clean them.

Side and Back Walls: Hinged side and back walls come included with the unit. If you are working on a slightly larger piece, open up the side and back walls to make more room.

Made in the USA:  From cutting the steel to welding and powder coating, all Downdraft Tables are manufactured in our facility in Rome, Georgia.

Plasma Kit Available: If you’re doing manual plasma cutting, we have a kit that lets you take care of that heavy fume with a strong fire suppression and mitigation kit included.

Automatic Timed Pulse: The filter cleaner engages automatically based on usage so you don’t need to worry about keeping your filters clean.

Light Kit Included: The light kit is included and comes with the unit.

Heavy Duty Construction: 12-gauge powder coated steel construction.

The pictures on the right illustrate how compact the draft tables are as we were able to put multiples into a mobile welding trailer.

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For more information contact your Regional Manager.

Clean Air Industries' 2x3 Down Draft Table
Portable Fume Collector
Portable Fume Collector

The Clean Air Industries Portable Weld Fume Extractor has best in class draw distance and filter life with it’s unique filter cleaner.

Performance: With 1,200 CFM and an 8″ diameter fume arm, the Clean Air Industries Portable Weld Fume Extractor consistently outperforms competitive units with a draw distance of nearly two feet so you don’t need to constantly re-adjust placement.  See the video above.

Cleaning System: With a unique internally rotating cleaning wand utilizing a continuous air stream the filter life on a Clean Air Industries portable is about 6-7 times longer than traditional reverse pulse systems used on portables.

Tool Racks: Tool racks, cup holders, and tool tray are standard and allow for you to conserve valuable floorspace and always have your tools on hand while remaining safe.

Steel Constructed Fume Arm: Powder coated steel fume arms hold up under tough work environments as opposed to the plastic construction many portables use.

Heavy Duty Construction: 12-gauge powder coated steel construction.

Made in the USA: From cutting the steel to welding and powder coating, all portables are manufactured in our facility in Rome, Georgia.

View the flyer.

For more information contact your Regional Manager.

Clean Air Industries' Portable Fume Collector
Bolt Together Welding Booths
Bolt Together Welding Booths

The Clean Air Industries Bolt together booth sets the standard in quality of manufacture in the educational weld fume extraction space.  Custom sizes are available from 4×4, 5×5, 6×6 (AWS standard) and any custom size.

12-gauge Construction: Don’t settle for a flimsy 16-gauge booth in your welding lab.  Your students will destroy things.  Get something that can last.

Flexibility: If you need the AWS standard welding booth that is 6′ x 6′ booth or something a little smaller.  We can custom build it for you right here in Rome, GA.

Shared Side and Back Walls: By sharing side and back walls you can reduce the overall cost of your project by 30%-40%.  Talk to our educational specialist and get a custom quote just for your layout.

Expert Lab Design: Welding booths are only a small component of your overall educational welding lab.  You need ducting, fume arms, a dust collector, and installation.  We provide full turn-key service from conceptual idea to complete project if required with submittals and engineered drawings in Solidworks or AutoCAD.

Lead Time: Ever wonder why it takes 12 weeks to get your welding booths?  It is because most “manufacturers” import them.  Get them quickly by getting them built right here in the US. Not to mention it is less ironic than teaching American welders on foreign-made booths.

Quick Installation: With a simple bolt together design, just unpackage them and throw them together with a small amount of labor required.

Made in the USA: From cutting the steel, to welding, to powder coating, we make our units here in Rome, GA.

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For more information contact your Regional Manager.

Clean Air DFX
Clean Air DFX

The Clean Air DFX allows you to provide weld fume extraction and dust collection for your entire facility with no floor space used.

Space: The DFX is hung at 12-14 feet in a pattern that allows air coverage over your entire shop.  It creates constant air changes by “throwing” air to one another allowing for large coverage with small pieces of equipment.  You can literally watch the smoke float up and get carried away into the unit.

Powerful Motors: Most ambient air cleaners suffer from weak motors in the 0.7 HP to 1 HP range.  The DFX uses the most powerful motors in its class.  As filters get dirty, the motors need to work harder to pull air through dirty filters, requiring a filter change.  The DFX’s motors allow the time between these filters to far exceed the timelines of comparable units.

Handsfree: One of the main drawbacks of a source capture system (like a portable weld fume extractor) is that it requires the operator to position the fume arm or capture source correctly. The DFX eliminates this failure point by taking it out of the operator’s hands entirely and functioning automatically. 

Reliability: With 30 years of manufacturing industrial air equipment, we have units still in operation that are older than some of our employees!

Made in the USA: From cutting the steel to welding and powder coating, all Clean Air DFX Ambient Air units are manufactured in our facility in Rome, Georgia.

View the flyer!

For more information contact your Regional Manager.

Clean Air DFX
Fume Dog
Fume Dog - Magnetic Wall Mount Weld Fume Extractor with Filter

Need ​a ventilation system you can put in virtually any position?  Meet the Fume Dog!


  • 1,200 CFM Wall-Mounted Welding Fume Extraction System

  • Includes Magnetic Fume Hood

  • Aluminum hood with magnets allows for placement anywhere with a metal surface

  • Filter can be moved to left or right side.

  • Integrated wall mount bracket

  • Optional 8' foot floor mounted stand, (select option from drop down above)

  • Designed for 1-2 Shifts a day, Stick, MIG, or TIG welding

For more information contact your Regional Manager.

Defender Downdraft Tables
Defender Downdraft Tables

The Defender Series of Industrial Downdraft Tables by Clean Air Industries is your ultimate source capture solution for weld and soldering fume, grinding dust, and more. Defender Downdraft Tables boast a flexible modular design, available in standard sizes of 4×3, 4×6, and 4×9, ensuring an even face velocity and exceptional airflow ranging between 4,200 – 9,000 CFM.

Engineered to exceed typical industry standards, Defender Downdraft Tables prioritize safety and tranquility in your workspace. They feature an integrated exhaust silencer to minimize noise and advanced spark arrest technology to maximize safety.


The exclusive quick-release doors make filter rotation or replacement a breeze. The built-in filter cleaning system efficiently dislodges dust, directing it into an accessible dust drawer for quick and easy maintenance.


You can customize your Defender Downdraft Table to meet your operational needs, with options including blue cushion protective matting, HEPA afterfilters, durable metal or clear Lexan back walls, side walls, and dividers, and more.

Benefits include:

  • Uniform face velocity across the entire work surface

  • Capture contaminants at the source, before they enter your breathing zone

  • Superior airflow with minimal noise

  • Compliant with OSHA guidelines for the safe capture of dust, weld fumes, and smoke

  • Automatic self-cleaning filter system for extended filter life

  • Ruggedly built in the USA


  • Modular design

  • Extiguisher ports for additional safety

  • Quick-release doors for simple filter maintenance

  • High capture face velocity, best in-class

  • Dust drawer for easy servicing


  • 4×3, 4×6, or 4×9 configurations

  • Blue cushion grid matting

  • Nanofiber filter upgrade

  • HEPA afterfilter

  • Metal or Lexan back wall, side walls and dividers

  • 3′, 6′ or 9′ hoods

  • LED light kit

  • Gravel tray

View the flyer.

For more information contact your Regional Manager.

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