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WAZER is the first desktop water jet that cuts any hard or soft material (including metal, stone, ceramic, composites, plastic, rubber, and foam) with digital precision. The high velocity jet uses a combination of high pressure water and sand-like abrasive particles to cut through the work piece. Traditional water jets cost upwards of $100,000. With WAZER, we’re bringing this advanced technology to any size classroom and workshop.

Check out the list of materials you can cut.

Got material but you're not sure of its specs as it relates to the WAZER?  Check out this calculator!

Go from design to cutting, fast.  WAZER's web-based software, WAM, is fast and easy. Load your design file into WAM and prepare your cut in minutes.  WAM uses your finished drawing file (.dxf or .svg) and walks you through the procedure needed to setup your cut with WAZER.

In 2023, WAZER did a "will it cut" series of videos showing things the WAZER can cut through.  Check it out!

Learning Labs, Inc. is promoting two WAZER bundles, one with and one without the stand.  Otherwise, both include:

  • spare cut bed

  • two buckets of abrasive

  • two water sensors

  • accessory kit

  • setup kit

  • plumbing kit

  • spare parts

  • user manual

  • 12 month warranty

  • free shipping

  • access to our exclusive PBL, mentioned below

To help customers make use of their equipment much quicker, Learning Labs, Inc. has created a series of tutorials and projects for the WAZER waterjet.  These tutorials and projects are delivered online and equip teachers and students with the basic knowledge needed to run and maintain the piece of equipment.  Multiple projects are also provided so users can quickly get the most out of the tools in their classroom.  For more information, click the brochure cover to the right or visit the Projects webpage.

Please contact your Regional Manager for more information.

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WAZER Compact Water Jet
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