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CTE Lab Equipment - High School

CTE at the high school level introduces students to a wide variety of modern technologies as well as numerous potential careers in a wide variety of industries. Learning Labs works exclusively with CTE teachers and administrators to ensure the quality of lab equipment, instructional content, professional development, and after sale support that make a successful program. 

If you have any questions or would like a formal quote/proposal, please call our main office at 1-800-334-4943.

Below are some of our most popular products:

(see all Learning Labs CTE products)


  • 3D Printers (More 3D Printers)
    No creative space would be complete without 3D printers. Learning Labs features a variety of 3D printers from various manufacturers.
    Here are some suggestions: 

    Formlabs 3D printers employ a process called Stereolithography where they use a laser to solidify parts from specialized resins. The process yields remarkable results, and the variety of resins facilitates many applications.
    Markforged Onyx Series 3D printers can reinforce parts with composite fiber while 3D printing them. The Mark Two (Onyx) achieves unparalleled strength, stiffness and durability in its printed parts. Markforged Onyx 3D Printers can print with media composed of Nylon, Carbon Fiber, Fiberglass, and Kevlar resulting in near-metal strength.

    Snapmaker machines are unique because of their flexible 3-in-1 design. Not only can the Snapmaker be a 3D printer, it can also be converted into a laser engraver/cutter and a CNC router/carver.

    Tiertime builds a line of great quality 3D printers at reasonable prices starting below $800. Entry-level Tiertime printers use PLA and ABS filament to print colorful designs. 

Snapmaker 03.jpg

  • 3D Scanners
    3D scanners allow students to reverse engineer objects by measuring physical objects and turning them into 3D models that can be edited and 3D printed

    Matter and Form is a 3D scanner that's friendly, fast, and easy. It can capture scans with up to 0.1mm accuracy from objects as large as 9.8" tall and up to a 7' in diameter. Guided by standards-aligned STEM projects, students learn how to combine 3D scanning, 3D design and 3D printing to form the powerful toolset of inspiration, discovery and creativity.

  • CNC Equipment - Machine Tools, Routers, Plasma Cutters, & WaterjetsIf you need to cut material with precision, you'll want CNC. These machines can cut a wide variety of media from soft materials like leather and cardboard to hard materials like metal and tile. Learning Labs represents several companies with CNC machines that will cut just about anything from leather to steel.

Forest CNC manufactures a variety of quality CNC Routers, Plasma Cutters, and Wood Lathes.

Intelitek has established itself as a leader in affordable CNC machines, with over 13,000 CNC machines installed in industry and education across the world. Intelitek can supply CNC Mills and Lathes, Routers, and Plasma Cutters. Intelitek is also known for integrating their CNC equipment with robots, conveyors, and various other technologies to create CIM and FMS systems. 

Roland DG has been at the forefront of CNC mills and rapid prototyping, delivering tens of thousands milling machines for a wide variety of applications since 1986. Roland also supplies large format printers and cutters, direct to garment printers, and various other graphics resources. 

Snapmaker machines feature a CNC "carving" (routing) configuration as well as 3D printing and Laser Engraving and cutting.

Tormach has a broad range of reasonably priced CNC mills and lathes available in benchtop and floor-standing configurations. 

Wazer is a compact self-contained waterjet that can cut virtually anything using water and abrasives.   



  • Laser Cutters/Engravers
    One of the most flexible and powerful tools in a creative space is a laser cutter and engraver. Young engineers can design parts or structural components, cut and engrave them from a variety of materials, and use the components to build large complex models and structures.

    Note: the Snapmaker Machine (above) also features a Laser Engraver/Cutter attachment. 

    LaserPro laser engravers/cutters feature a powerful CO2 laser that can etch or cut non-metal and anodized material through sculpturing the material surface with heat. Simply create or edit a vector-based graphic using a program like Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator, then print. The type of graphic and the laser's power and speed settings control how deep the media is cut. It works great with wood, but other materials can also be cut.
    Note: Anodized Metal can be etched, but not cut.

    Here's a list of LaserPro Engravers with links for additional information:


E200 - Working Area: 20 x 13 inches -  Z-Axis: 6 inches

C180IIWorking Area: 20 x 13 inches -  Z-Axis: 6 inches

Mercury IIIWorking Area: 25 x 18 inches -  Z-Axis: 6.5 inches

Spirit LSWorking Area: 29 x 18 inches -  Z-Axis: 6.5 inches

Spirit GLSWorking Area: 38 x 24 inches -  Z-Axis: 7 inches

X380 - Working Area: 38 x 24 inches -  Z-Axis: 6.5 inches

MG380Hybrid - Working Area: 38 x 24 inches -  Z-Axis: 6.5 inches

S400 - Working Area: 40 x 24 inches -  Z-Axis: 11 inches

Laser Model 2.jpg



  • Large Format and Specialized Printer/Cutters
    Some printers are capable of full color printing and cutting of large banners, posters, retail packaging, and vinyl car wraps. Other printers can print directly to clothing or other textiles while others can print to virtually any media including metal and wood. 

    Roland DG is acclaimed as the pioneer of printer/cutters that integrate printing and cutting functions into a single unit, and is also recognized for incorporating the latest digital printing and color management technologies in its high-quality, high-definition printers. Here are some links to various models of Roland printers:


VersaStudio BN-20/BN-20A Desktop Inkjet Printer/Cutter - 4 or 5 color printing (CMYK or CMYK + White for printing on clear media) with a print width up to 20" with continuous roll-feed. 
TrueVIS SG3/VG3 printers/cutters are available in two print widths: 30" and 54" with continuous roll feed. 
TrueVIS VF2-640 printers (does not cut) have expanded color options and are the largest of the Roland DG printers with a media width up to 64". 
VersaUV LEC2-330 and LEC2-640 UV printer/cutters are designed to take premium label, packaging, and specialty graphic production to another level. The UV series uses UV light to speed-up the ink setting process.
VersaUV LEF UV flatbed models print on standard materials or unique items such as pens, smart phone covers, ADA signs, personalized awards, giftware, promotional items and more.
VersaSTUDIO BT-12 models print directly onto cotton t-shirts, apparel, tote bags and other products in minutes from the comfort of your desktop.




  • Coding/Programming

    Over 50% of all jobs require some degree of coding skills, and research shows that there are 1 million unfilled IT jobs in the US. Coding career openings have increased by over 200,000 every year since 2010, so the demand is obvious. Learning Labs has several coding solutions, all of which involve hands on interaction.

    Birdbrain Technologies cultivates creativity and computational thinking by providing flexible and inspiring products like these:

is a programmable robot that brings computer science to life by providing students a hands-on representation of their code.
Hummingbird Robotics Kits are creative robotics tools which allow students to design, build, and program a personally meaningful robot out of any materials, with any device, in multiple programming languages.



CoderZ™ is an innovative, cloud based learning environment to teach coding using the fascinating world of virtual robots. CoderZ™ learning programs are engaging for students and also highly affordable for educators even for very large scale deployments.

NeuroMaker grew out of the Harvard Innovation Lab. They develop cognitive training technology products and apply their expertise in machine learning, design, and neuroscience to create innovative cognitive-based applications.
Here's what they have to offer:

  NeuroMaker Robotic Hand
  BCI (Brain Computer Interface)

pi-top provides educators with all the tools needed to make teaching and learning standards-based Computer Science easy and engaging. Powered by a unique Raspberry Pi programmable ecosystem, pi-top blends step-by-step coding, robotics, and engineering lessons with hands-on hardware applications.
Here are some links to their products:

pi-top [4] - A portable brain that can be clipped from project to project without needing to rebuild.

Robotics Kits

Electronics Kits

Further Online Project Library


  • Robotics
    Learning Labs has supplied hundreds of robots to secondary Engineering and Technology Education programs over the last four decades. Many are stand-alone robots while others are integrated into Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) and Flexible Manufacturing Systems (FMS). Today we offer a variety of robotic devices such as pick and place robots, mobile robots, even programmable flying robots (drones). Here are some of the robotic devices we can supply: 

    Intelitek is widely known for supplying thousands of robots to career, technical, and engineering education programs. Today they offer a variety of robots with a broad range of capabilities.
    Here's the most popular robot for post secondary programs from Intelitek:

Scorbot ER4U - The ScorBot ER-4U is a versatile and reliable system for industrial robotics training and education. The robot’s speed and repeatability make it highly suited for both stand-alone operations and integrated use in automated workcell applications such as robotic welding, machine vision, CNC machine tending and other FMS operations.

See all robots available from Intelitek.



  • Drones/Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)
    In recent years, drones/UAVs have evolved from expensive toys to critical tools for many professional applications such as entertainment, agriculture, real estate, search and rescue, civil engineering, surveying, law enforcement, and more.  

    DJI is the world leader in drone technology with about 70% of the market share worldwide. DJI offers three series of drones:

    Mavic Series - Powerful and foldable for aerial adventure
      Spark Series - A fun mini drone with all of DJI's signature technologies
      Phantom Series - Professional-grade aerial imaging

    Note: DJI models and pricing change frequently. Please call 1-800-334-4943 for a formal price quote.

DJI DRone 3.jpg

911 Call Center Simulator 
Alternative Energy 
Aviation Maintenance/Avionics 

Flight Simulators 
Graphics Design 
Health Science/Occupations 
HVAC/Mech. Engineering  

Industrial Maintenance
Video Broadcast Production 
Waterjet Cutters 
Welding Equipment

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