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When it comes to weld training, you need tools that will not only engage your students, but be effective teaching methods to flatten the learning curve.  While nothing can replace hands-on experience, Miller offers innovative training solutions that can help transform your classroom so your students can train with ease and build the skills and confidence they need before stepping into a welding booth.  Miller Electric Mfg. Co., is headquartered in Appleton, Wisconsin.

Miller has several training products that Learning Labs is proud to offer:

  • MobileArc - entry-level simulated welding trainer

  • AugmentedArc - simulated welding trainer - now with NCCER curriculum!

  • LiveArc - reality-based welding trainer

  • OpenBook - free online software used to plan, offer, and assess learning processes

  • ArcStation - the only workbench designed for welders

View a comparison chart covering MobileArc, AugmentedArc, and LiveArc.

View the brochure that covers both AugumentedArc and LiveArc.

Please contact your Regional Manager for more information, or use the links above to gain access to more specific information.

Student at Somerset CC (KY) using the MobileArc.
Student working with the Miller AugumentedArc reality welding trainer.
Teacher at Southside Tech (KY) using the LiveArc.
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MobileArc is an affordable, easy to use welding simulation tool designed to attract, engage and introduce students to welding through a hands-on augmented reality experience.

Attracting and proficiently training students on a limited budget in welding can be challenging. MobileArc offers innovative training that simulates live welding at an affordable price so students of all ages can get a feel for welding, improve their skills and make informed career decisions. Designed with ease of use and portability in mind, MobileArc allows students to learn independently, accelerating the overall learning process.


  • Highly portable, lightweight design allows for easy transport for remote learning and recruiting events.

  • Easy setup and simple user interface allows for students to work independently, helping to increase instructor efficiency.

  • Real-time feedback is provided on users’ technique to help correct errors. Reinforce proper welding practices and accelerate skill advancement prior to actual live arc welding in a lab.

  • Reduce overall training time compared to traditional methods with the realistic welding simulation of the MobileArc.

  • Minimize material cost by saving wire, gas and workpieces in this simulation environment, allowing students to define their welding skills before beginning live arc welding.

  • Specially designed helmet mount provides a fully engaging welding experience.

  • Welding gun mount allows the mobile device to be mounted to the welding gun to promote further student interaction, allowing them to share the welding experience.

  • The output can be streamed to an external display for a more collaborative learning environment.

View the brochure!

Please contact your Regional Manager for more information, or use the links above to gain access to more specific information.


Miller MobileArc System
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Augmented Reality (AR) is a cutting-edge artificial vision technology designed to achieve a realistic training experience. This exciting technology combines real objects with virtual computer-generated images to create a new “mixed reality” in real time. AR increases the student’s perception of the environment overlapping with virtual 3D objects. This gives the feeling that the objects of the real and virtual worlds coexist!


Using this futuristic technology, students are able to acquire and practice basic welding skills without the safety issues and high costs of welding equipment and materials. Through hands-on interaction, students become familiar with various welding practices and techniques before entering a real welding booth. When students are ready for practice with actual welding equipment, less time and materials are consumed as a result of their experiences with the Miller AugmentedArc reality welding trainer.


View the brochure!

And beginning in March 2022, the AugmentedArc is integrated with NCCER Level 1 and 2 curriculum which correlates with AWS SENSE standards and guidelines.

Please contact your Regional Manager for more information, or use the links above to gain access to more specific information.


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How it Works
How it Works

A variety of typical workpieces, imprinted with coded patterns, are captured by stereoscopic cameras mounted to the front of the welding helmet. Sophisticated recognition software interprets the patterns, converts the code into photorealistic virtual reality, which is displayed within the helmet for the student to see. In other words, while manipulating the physical models, the student sees an incredibly realistic representation of virtual steel plates, welding beads, and flying sparks. It’s the closest thing to a real welding experience.


Students witness photorealistic simulation and critical performance feedback through the trainer’s welding mask. The instructor can also view the interaction real-time or by replaying the recorded exercise on the welding trainer’s screen, or via an external monitor and/or data projector.


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Student Workstation Components

The Miller AugmentedArc Reality Welding Trainer (student workstation) includes:


  • specialized CPU

  • augmented reality welding mask

  • welding torches

  • workpieces

  • welding gloves

  • welding mat

  • optional heavy duty storage cases

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Student Workstation Components
Augmented Reality Welding Mask

With the helmet in place, the student can begin to interact with a mixed reality world: part virtual and part real. They can see their hands and surroundings. But when viewing the workpiece through the mask, the patterns printed on the physical workpiece transform into what appears to be very realistic pieces of steel. When a welding torch is correctly applied to the various joints, sparks will fly and a red-hot bead will appear.


The helmet uses two forward facing cameras to view the workpiece. Sophisticated software interprets the symbols on the workpieces and generates the photorealistic image seen by the student and bystanders.



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Augmented Reality Welding Mask
Miller's Augmented Reality Welding Mask
Welding Torches

Because the Miller AugmentedArc Reality Welding Trainer is equipped with real welding implements, students quickly become familiar with the devices’ look and feel. Learning to maintain correct and consistent angle, distance, and speed while grappling with hoses and electrical cables are critical skills.













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Welding Torches

The Miller AugmentedArc Reality Welding Trainer features five workpieces, each representing a typical welding scenario. The helmet-mounted cameras capture the patterns on the workpieces and the sophisticated software interprets the patterns and displays photorealistic video for the student and instructor.
























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The Miller AugmentedArc Reality Welding Trainer contains a powerful processor that facilitates delivery of course theory and practice instruction. All virtual instruction can take place at the welding station, eliminating the need for additional computers. Instructional and practice exercises are tied directly to objective performance analysis making the instructor’s job easier.


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Want a Demonstration?

Our regional managers will gladly arrange for a personal demonstration of the trainer. You will also see the unit at various career tech trade shows and conferences—check our Calendar of Events.


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Want a Demonstration?

The Miller® LiveArc™ welding performance management system is a new and innovative reality-based training system that utilizes a live welding arc, unlike other virtual training solutions. It’s designed to recruit, screen, train, re-qualify and manage the performance of weld operators — better, faster and more cost-effectively than traditional methods.

Advanced motion-tracking technology provides the critical feedback required for improvement of baseline welding skills. With an easy-to-use touch screen interface, users can guide themselves through assignment selection and pre-weld feedback to acquire desired techniques before moving to actual live arc training experiences.

The system also gives welding instructors the ability to configure assignments and technique parameters. It stores the detailed performance history of each operator. LiveArc is a powerful teaching tool that allows instructors to better manage their time, reduces the cost of teaching materials and accelerates student progress.

View the brochure.

View the spec sheet.

Builds higher skills
The Miller LiveArc system:

  • Uses a live arc for a real welding experience

  • Delivers immediate, objective feedback to improve key performance parameters

  • Builds welding abilities with customizable and Miller-designed assignments

  • Shows skill improvement over time by recording operator performance

Produces faster results
LiveArc speeds training with:

  • An intuitive platform that requires minimal orientation before weld lessons can begin

  • Less familiarization time, since both weld simulations and live arc welding occur on the same machine

  • Minimal supervision requirements, so operators can train effectively even in the absence of instructor

Provides a cost-effective solution
Cut expenses and make resources go further with LiveArc benefits:

  • Weld simulation mode saves money on coupons, wire and gas

  • Simulation mode provides a solid welding technique baseline to accelerate live arc welding training

  • Valuable teaching assignments help instructors deliver more-effective, more-efficient lessons

  • Operator-selectable assignments let experienced weld operators spend less time training new hires and more time welding

  • System is designed with a sturdy ArcStation™ base to ensure durability and long life

  • Backed by the 1-year Miller True Blue Warranty

Industry-exclusive SmartGun

Compatible with all Miller power sources, the 400-amp SmartGun features advanced motion-tracking technology through built-in LEDs that are tracked by the LiveArc system’s cameras. This tracking provides critical feedback to improve welding skills via the LiveArc system’s main display, the gun’s OLED display and vibrating haptic feedback when a selected weld parameter is exceeded.

Please contact your Regional Manager for more information.


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Kentucky instructor works with his Miller LiveArc.

OpenBook™ is a free online software used to plan, offer and assess learning processes—allowing instructors to customize the classroom.

A solution for welding classes

As the number of skilled welders continues to decrease, welding instructors play a critical role in retaining and training new welders. At the same time, instructors must adapt classroom and lab techniques for a technology-savvy generation of learners.

Miller® OpenBook is a free learning management system (LMS) used to plan, implement, offer and assess learning processes. With OpenBook, welding instructors can assign and deliver welding content, create quizzes, welding labs, monitor student participation, and assess and report student progress and performance.

This LMS offers a wide variety of welding resources and course materials—such as e-learning modules, hands-on welding labs and quizzes. Instructors can utilize the content available to create their own course. Simply create an account, register your school and you are ready to get started.

Modern learning

OpenBook is ideal for the modern learner, allowing students to complete their work on a computer, tablet or even on their phone. Students can simply log on to the OpenBook site and complete the assignments wherever, whenever.

View the brochure.

Please contact your Regional Manager for more information.


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Count on Miller to create a workbench that makes welding faster and easier. ArcStationTM is the first-ever workbench designed for welding and metalworking.


Miller ArcStation offers:

  • Durability — All-steel construction and thoughtful performance features make our ArcStations built to last.

  • Versatility — ArcStation is available with a variety of accessories that you can mix and match to suit your individual needs.

  • Affordability — With numerous sizes, styles, and configurations to choose from, you can find an ArcStation that fits your projects and budget.

View the brochure.

Miller offers two styles of workstations:

  • S-Series ArcStation - for the welder who’s tough on equipment

  • F-Series ArcStation - for the welder who requires portability and space savings

S-Series ArcStation

The S-Series ArcStation is perfect for the fab shop or home garage. Its
durable frame and heavy-duty tabletop provides a sturdy foundation for
welding or metalworking.

Models available:

  • 30S (30 x 30 in S-Series with 3/16-in solid tabletop)

  • 30SX (30 x 30 in S-Series with 3/8-in X-pattern tabletop)

  • 60S (30 x 60 in S-Series with 3/16-in solid tabletop)

  • 60SX (30 x 60 in S-Series with 3/8-in X-pattern and solid tabletop combo)

Standard features:

  • X-pattern tabletop on SX models makes clamping trouble-free

  • Frame construction consists of 1 1/2-in square tubing

  • Sturdy 1/8-in-thick steel frame with crossbar adds stability

  • Lower shelf provides storage for equipment, tools, and raw materials

  • Adjustable leveling feet keep the bench rock steady

  • Weight capacity is 1000 lb (454 kg)

F-Series ArcStation

The F-Series ArcStation’s unique folding design and convenient handle
and wheels make it easy to take to the job site or move around the
shop or garage. And since it folds down into a compact size, the
F-Series is easy to store. 

Model available:

  • 30FX (30 x 30 in F-Series with 3/16-in X-pattern tabletop)

Standard features:

  • X-pattern tabletop on FX models makes clamping trouble-free

  • 1 1/2-in diameter steel tube frame offers stability and support

  • Wheels and a handle make the 74-lb bench easy to transport

  • Removable gun holder provides a convenient place to store your welding gun

  • Weight capacity is 500 lb (227 kg)

Please contact your Regional Manager for more information.


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ArcStation brochure cover
Miller S-Series ArcStation
Miller F-Series ArcStation
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