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Mobile Training Solutions

Can’t bring students to the lab? Deliver the lab to your students!  Learning Labs can design a mobile facility to suit your remote training needs.

Mobile Solutions for Every Need

View the flyer.


  • Engineering

  • Industrial Maintenance

  • Manufacturing

  • Mechatronics

  • Renewable Energy

  • Makerspace/Fab Lab

  • STEM

  • Welding


  • Equipped and Furnished

  • Outdoor Storage

  • Self-Contained

  • Generator Powered

  • Climate Controlled

  • Awning for Outside Work

  • Portable Folding Steps

  • Power Lift Platform

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Mobile Training Solutions flyer

Below is a very basic video of a welding trailer we completed in the summer of 2020.

And the pictures on the right illustrate how compact the Clean Air Industries, Inc. draft tables are as we were able to put multiples into a mobile welding trailer.

Self Contained Mobile Laboratory System (SCMLS)

SCMLS units are fully functional self-contained laboratories. They include their own power source (generator and shore power), a climate control system, ventilation, lighting, a security system, two side doors, and a rear power lift with double doors.

These mobile labs can be up to 53’ long and require a semi-tractor to move to remote locations.

When it’s time to move, lab equipment can be secured for safe “damage free”

SCMLS units can be designed for virtually any training application
including mechatronics, engineering, industrial maintenance, welding, etc.


Applications include K-12 engineering programs, STEM labs,
Makerspace/Fab Lab, welding, robotics, electricity/electronics, etc.

For more details or to arrange a tour, please contact your Regional Manager for more information.


Self Contained Mobile Laboratory System (SCMLS)
Laboratory Storage and Transportation System (LSTS)

LSTS units are designed to safely and securely transport shared laboratory equipment from school to school within a district reducing facility costs as
well as human resources.

All equipment is contained in custom hard-shell cases and cabinets equipped with casters enabling easy loading, unloading, and movement to and
from the classroom.

Lighting is provided for easier loading, and power receptacles are provided for charging laptops, tablets, and other devices.


Most LSTS units are small enough to be pulled behind a standard pickup truck, so no specialized equipment is needed.

For more details or to arrange a tour, please contact your Regional Manager for more information.


Laboratory Storage and Transportation System (LSTS)
Stored equipment
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