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Vizitech USA is a digital education and training company specializing in interactive 3D Technology, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality learning and training programs.

The MedTable Augmented Reality (AR) System allows students to explore the body systems and the major organs of the human body. MedTable AR focuses on the human body structure and functionality.

Up to 6 students (working in teams) or 3 students (individually) can use the provided tablets to view an interactive Augmented Reality digital body overlay. Students point the tablet's camera at the "mind mat" (thus named because the AR targets are printed on large durable mousepad-like mats) to explore A&P topics.  In the Body Systems module, for example, students can look at the entire body, system by system, to see how they relate to each other within the body. Students can take a look at systems individually, select specific body parts identify the systems they are associated with, and more. There are even built-in quizzes for student learning reinforcement! In the Body Organs module, students can take a closer look at each of several of the major organs of the body. Some models are scalable, some dissectible, some even show the motion of processes (like the blood flow through the heart).


This module also contains quizzes, as well as more information about each organ. Both modules allow for posterior views, as well as body planes and directions. The kit comes with 3 tablets, pre-programmed with the MedTable AR app, the MedTable AR mat, a case for the roll-up mat, and a screen-cast device used to share from a tablet to a secondary monitor or projector.

View the flyer.

Please contact your Regional Manager for more information.

This product is available in all states except the Carolinas.
Vizitech's MedTable AR System
Vizitech's MedTable AR System
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