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In a safe learning environment, Body Interact allows current and future healthcare professionals to apply and enhance their clinical reasoning and decision-making skills.

Body Interact consists of simulation that includes:

  • A competency-based model approach: A simulation environment where students develop advanced skills in problem-solving and critical thinking

  • Pre-defined scenarios: Save time and focus on students’ development and practical performance

  • Debriefing tools: Analyze students’ actions and thought processes with extended scenario performance reports.

The system includes:

  • 750+ expert-reviewed scenarios

  • 30+ therapeutic areas

  • Multiple patients encounters

  • Increasing degrees of difficulty

  • Assessments

The program can be used on any device.  We also offer a 55" touch-screen device that can be oriented vertically or horizontally.

Review these content packages:

See the pricing overview for:

Please contact your Kentucky Regional Manager for more information.

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