Product Focus: TechSkills International HVAC Training

Tech Skills International (TSI) provides educational materials for industrial maintenance technicians. These cover a wide range of controls and motors for electric, hydraulic, and pneumatic systems. You can find a full list by clicking here.

Electrical Controls for HVAC - Technician Training & Certification One of TSI's courses trains technicians in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, or HVAC. This course provides competency-based, hands-on training for installing, adjusting, testing, and troubleshooting electrical and electronic controls for these systems.

TSI's hardware duplicates the equipment, tools, and technical requirements students will encounter on the job. This ensures students transition smoothly from the classroom to the workplace.

Courseware: Content includes operating theory, installation, testing, and troubleshooting current HVAC systems. Connecting, testing, and troubleshooting procedures are driven by authentic Job Work Orders. TSI E-learning content is deliverable via print media, standard school/industrial computer networks, and all current tablet formats.

TSI's assessments are not specific to any brand or manufacturer, ensuring technicians with a TSI certification can perform their tasks on all types of modern manufacturing and production equipment.

Hardware: The package includes equipment for teaching basic HVAC electricity, relays, contactors and motor starters, electronic timers and sequencers, HVAC monitoring and safety switches, thermostats heat pump controls, electric heat controls, solid state gas furnace controls, and more.

To learn more about TSI's HVAC training and certification package, or any TSI courses, visit our TSI website or download a brochure. You can also contact us for more information.

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