Product Focus: ATech Electromechanical Trainer

Electrical and electronic systems represent a large part of many vehicle systems. In fact, many mechanical and vacuum controls are being replaced with electrical controls. The need for training on these technologies is critical to students entering the automotive industry.

The ATech Electromechanical Trainer presents students with hands-on learning opportunities with electrical and mechanical circuits. This unit also allows instructors to create their own circuits and/or tests for personalized measurement and evaluation. You can learn more about this trainer by clicking here.

ATech Training, Inc. has developed a number of options for automotive education over the last 35 years. This includes dozens of hands-on trainers and computer-based courseware, such as:

  • automotive cutaways

  • automotive electrical and electronic systems

  • brakes

  • diesel engines

  • engine cooling systems

  • engine performance

  • emission systems

  • heating and air conditioning systems

  • hybrid technology

  • manual and automatic transmissions

  • suspension and steering systems

You can find more information on all these in ATech's comprehensive catalog.

For more information on this and other ATech products, head over to Learning Labs' ATech Training page or contact us for more information.

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