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LaserPro Laser Engraver/Cutter

Updated: Jan 19, 2022


The LaserPro Laser Engraver/Cutter is one of the most versatile machines Learning Labs sells. As a result, it is also one of the most popular. By combining a powerful industrial CO2 laser with an intuitive user interface, the LaserPro is capable of etching text and graphics on glass, tile, anodized aluminum, wood, and more. Additionally, by cranking up the power and adjusting the laser's speed, the LaserPro is also capable of cutting completely through softer materials such as cardboard, leather, and wood.


Even though the LaserPro is equipped with a powerful CO2 Laser, it's still perfectly safe for classroom or lab use. The hinged cover is equipped with an emergency shut off switch, so there is no chance of student hands being injured while the unit is in operation. Additionally, Learning Labs provides dedicated BOFA fume extractors. So, unlike other laser engravers, there is no smoke or harmful fumes released into the classroom.


The LaserPro acts as a printer, so you can output from a vector-based graphics package such as Corel Draw or Adobe InDesign. Virtually anything you can design in these applications, or import from a CAD program, can be engraved or cut. Additionally, Learning Labs has developed a foolproof set of projects that guide the user step-by-step through numerous laser applications, each producing a wonderful product affordable enough to take home as a keepsake, or to use as a fund-raising project.

For more details about the LaserPro Laser Engraver/Cutter, visit our website. To receive a formal price quote that would include delivery, installation, and orientation, please call our office at 1-800-334-4942.

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