Getting to Know Us: Jarratt Bryan

Updated: Feb 7

Jarratt Bryan has been a part of Learning Labs Incorporated’s (LLI’s) curriculum

development since 1995. The lion’s share of this time has been as the Development Department's manager.

Jarratt manages the development of online projects and tutorials for some of the equipment Learning Labs sells. This currently includes courses for 3D printers, laser engravers, 3D scanners, and wide format printers and cutters. He also became Regional Manager for the state of Kentucky in early 2020.

Jarratt’s experience before joining LLI helped prepare him for his work in curriculum design. He worked for a small-town, local newspaper in the early 90s as the primary news writer. Here, he learned a lot about writing stories simply and for a general audience.

Jarratt is also LLI’s webmaster, designing and managing the company’s websites and eStore.

Most of those outside the office may know Jarratt best for his role in training teachers on a number of LLI’s products, including LearnMate, Intelitek’s learning management system (LMS). In fact, he says going out and training customers is the best part of his job. “I like knowing that when I leave their school, they have a much better understanding about the equipment in their classrooms and how to successfully implement it,” he stated. “The best experience is when I hear from teachers that something we’ve sold (or I’ve helped develop directly) has had a positive impact on students.”

What does that impact look like moving forward? Jarratt says keeping hands-on education as an option for students is the best way to future-proof education. “While virtual technology is great, I hope education will come back to the understanding that hands-on activities have the most impact. Giving students the opportunity to work directly with high-end equipment, rather than simulations, is very important.”

Jarratt completed his undergraduate degree at Florida Statue University and holds a masters degree from Southern Polytechnic State University (now Kennesaw State University). He lives in Rome, Georgia with his wife, April. He also has a son, Jonathan, who is studying Aerospace Engineering at the University of Alabama - Huntsville.

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