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Post Secondary Distance Learning Manufacturing and Industrial Maintenance Resources

In light of the pandemic, Learning Labs, Inc. wants to highlight products/services that many of our manufacturers are offering to help post secondary manufacturing and industrial maintenance instructors continue to teach in these trying times.

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LearnMate, Intelitek’s Learning Management System hosts hundreds of hours of online learning for a variety of manufacturing and industrial maintenance learning programs. This link gives a sample of many of the courses available and can be filtered by product family, online and lab courses, and by language availability.

Many courses also offer simulations of Intelitek's hardware including robots, CNC machines, etc.  This offers an excellent way to get your students comfortable with machine processes and programming until they can get back in the lab.  (The same holds true even if you don't have the machines themselves; the simulations are a great tool.)

When you find a course you're interested in, simply contact your Regional Manager who can set you up with temporary access to the course.

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LearnMate online course catalog
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