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Smart Sensor Lab for Industry 4.0

Educating students on smart sensors and the communication systems related to sensors is essential for the Industry 4.0 workforce.

industry 4.0 uses real-time data collected  from smart sensors on the plant floor. The data collected from the equipment can be analyzed, formulated, and shared to all levels of plant operations, maintenance, and management. 


With IoT, wired and wireless networks, sensor data is accessible to people and to systems globally, enabling smart functionality.


Using IO-Link, actual sensor data can be collected and shared with control systems enabling predictive maintenance, advanced operations management, real-time flexible manufacturing and optimization planning.

The Smart Sensor training lab enables educators to provide hands on and theory training to students in advanced manufacturing or process management programs to fully understand the world of sensors and the communications that connect them.

The solution includes advanced smart sensor lab hardware, lab exercises and software tools to work with Smart Sensors.

View the datasheet.

You can find out more about this lab from the Smart Sensor Lab page on the Intelitek website or contact your Regional Manager for more information.

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Intelitek Smart Sensor Lab for Industry 4.0
Intelitek Smart Sensor Lab for Industry 4.0
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