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Science and Technology Exploration

Intelitek has developed several courses that offer content and hands-on experiences in health care and biotechnology, both of which cover important aspects of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).

Health Care

Health Care is an exploratory course that introduces students to the principles and practices of health care, giving an overview of career opportunities available in the field. Ethical and legal issues are also discussed, encouraging critical thinking skills and introspection. Students explore several health professions and practice some of the skills necessary for those professions.

Course outline:

  • Lesson 1: Health, Wellness, and Basic Human Anatomy

  • Lesson 2: Pathology and the Lymphatic and Immune Systems

  • Lesson 3: The Circulatory System and First Aid

  • Lesson 4: Pharmacology and the Endocrine System

  • Lesson 5: Exercise and Nutrition and the Muscular System

  • Lesson 6: Dentistry and Dental Health

  • Lesson 7: The Sensory System

  • Lesson 8: Mental Health and Teen Issues

  • Lesson 9: Alternative Medicine and the Skeletal System



Biotechnology explores how the use and manipulation of cells and genetic materials affects our lives on a daily basis, the industry it has created and the range of careers available in the field. The course also examines several fields that use biotechnology, including medical, agricultural, industrial and forensic science. Bioethics and legal issues are also discussed, encouraging critical thinking skills and introspection.

Course outline:

  • Lesson 1: What is Biotechnology?

  • Lesson 2: Biotechnology History and Cells

  • Lesson 3: Building a Cell

  • Lesson 4: DNA Processes and Structure

  • Lesson 5: Ethics and the Human Genome Project

  • Lesson 6: Cloning and Stem Cell Research

  • Lesson 7: Forensic Science and DNA

  • Lesson 8: Biotechnology in Agriculture and Industry

  • Lesson 9: DNA Extraction

You can find out more about these courses from the Science and Technology Exploration page on the Intelitek website or contact your Regional Manager for more information.

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