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Industry 4.0 Certification

As we experience the 4th Industrial Revolution and the rapid change of many industries due to the influx of new technologies, training programs and certifications for skilled labor being hired by employers, needs to be renewed.

Having developed training programs for high schools, community colleges, universities and industry for the past 35 years, Intelitek now provides iCert4.0—a three-tiered program certifying students with Industry 4.0 skills.

Taking a system-based approach, iCert4.0 deals not only with individual components of industrial training, but also with networking and communications, systems integration and the essential employability skills students need in modern industry. Integration of cutting edge technology systems and collaboration is the core of Industry 4.0

iCert4.0 is a modular and sustainable industry aligned certification program with curriculum options to match local industry needs & micro certifications for specific
fields that align to advanced industry level certification.

Industry certifications

  • help students develop their career interests and reach their goal

  • are a ladder to future success

  • help you qualify students for jobs

  • are what hiring employers look for on resumes

For employers, industry certifications provide validation and confidence when picking candidates out of the sea of potential workers.

Intelitek currently offers three industry certification programs: 


They also offer the Smart Sensor Lab for Industry 4.0.

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Robotics Certification

Intelitek has partnered with Yaskawa MotoMan Robotics a world leader in industrial robotics to offer a Robotics Certification Program.

The Intelitek Certified Robotics programs provide robotic learning to career technical education programs, offering curriculum and project-based activities to prepare students by working with real world industrial robots. Students who complete the training with the Yaskawa Motoman robot can take a certification test and become Operator or Programmer Certified.


This Yaskawa endorsed certification is highly revered in industry and can give a candidate a leg up when searching in the job market.

Graduates of the Intelitek MotoMan MHJF training curriculum can be certified as a MotoMan Operator or Programmer. After completing the training, Students take a practical exam and then the Yaskawa Certification exam.

View the data sheet.

t light-Ultra MHJF Motoman data sheet
Machine Vision Certification

Machine vision will be a critical part of automation systems in Industry 4.0. As data analytics capabilities progress, the high volume of data accessible through vision equipment will be used to identify and flag defective products, understand their deficiencies and enable fast and effective intervention in the Industry 4.0 factory.

This lab course introduces students to vision technology that connects cameras and computers to provide visual feedback and image interpretation critical for part inspection, robotic guidance and industrial automation processes. Students work hands-on with vision equipment to gain skills in the complex functions required for image processing, image analysis and object identification. The Machine Vision and Quality Control training package introduces students to technology that connects cameras and computers to provide the image interpretation and visual feedback needed for part inspection, robotic guidance and industrial automation.

Students use In-Sight Explorer software and the Cognex In-Sight 2000-130C camera to learn and gain skills in the complex functions required for image processing, image analysis and object identification. Students also learn how to program automated quality control applications, such as inspections, part counting and gauging. At the completion of the course, students can take a Certification exam and obtain an industry-recognized Cognex Certification.


Students gain experience that will enable them to combine the vision system with a robotic system for vision-guided robotic applications, or to integrate it within a CIM system for part inspection and quality control.

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Machine Vision Technology with Cognex data sheet
Siemens Certification

Intelitek has partnered with Siemens PLM to provide an advanced training program that addresses Industry 4.0 and offers instruction for 21st century industrial methodology.

Students will be able to learn sophisticated methodologies and enhanced knowledge of manufacturing operations.

Partnering with Siemens, we will offer an industry certification program for RobotExpert.


The program: 


  • Integrates real industry software into Intelitek learning plans for manufacturing

  • Enhances the depth of Intelitek Advanced Manufacturing programs

  • Expands the Intelitek FMS/CIM solutions to include Siemens software in a curriculum that walk students through the process of using, simulating and programming using the RobotExpert Software with industry 4.0 standards

  • Provides a Siemens/Intelitek certification for proficiency in the Siemens software


View the data sheet.

Please view the Industry 4.0 for Education section and/or the Smart Sensor Lab for Industry 4.0 section on Intelitek's website, or contact your Regional Manager for more information.

Siemens RobotExpert Training Program data sheet