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Foundations of STEM

Intelitek’s Foundations of STEM provides an easy-to-implement solution for delivering early engagement and discovery of science, technology, engineering and mathematics topics for middle and high school students.


Using multiple instructional strategies including activity-based learning and immersive e-learning, students explore technology, examine science and math concepts and investigate careers in STEM. The standards-based curriculum emphasizes 21st Century skills including teamwork, leadership and creative problem-solving skills. Relevant topics like robotics, energy systems and transportation help students see the connection between STEM and the world around them.


Foundations of STEM makes implementation easy. Each 9-week course provides everything needed out of the box, ready to use. You can choose flexible packages based on your class size. You can customize your program by adding topics in any configuration to the requisite Foundations course. The curriculum works with any instructional method whether instructor-led, self-directed or collaborative.


Foundations of STEM, which includes the LearnMate LMS, comprises the following topics:


  • Introduction to engineering

  • Careers in engineering

  • Technical drawing

  • Engineering design cycle

  • Reverse engineering

  • Human factors engineering

  • Rapid prototyping

  • Mechanisms

  • Construction techniques


Optional courses can then be added on in 2, 10, 20, and 30 student packages.  These optional courses include:



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