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Industrial Maintenance: Electromechanical Maintenance Cell

In a footprint of 60 square-feet (5.60 square-meter), the Intelitek JobMaster™ 1600 Electromechanical Maintenance Cell simulates an automated manufacturing operation in an industrial plant. This platform delivers the most relevant training in the installation, operation, troubleshooting and maintenance of industrial processes and equipment.

The JobMaster™ 1600 Electromechanical Maintenance Cell is the ultimate capstone to any industrial maintenance / mechatronics program. The Electromechanical Maintenance Cell ensures relevant instruction by enabling a robust simulation of the workplace and a more valid delivery of career skills. Students learn to assemble, wire, maintain, and troubleshoot electromechanical systems just as if they were in the industrial environment. This results in the most effective authentic assessment of a trainees ability to succeed in the field of mechatronics or industrial maintenance.

The basic cell includes electrical power distribution and controls, wire and cable tray, wireways, conduit and equipment housings. Students gain enhanced understanding of industrial processes by installing, operating and troubleshooting sub-systems onto the cell including:

  • Conveyor drive and control

  • Part manipulator and controls with paint bake & cool process tunnel

  • Industrial lighting

  • Three-phase motor controls and Variable frequency drive

  • DC motor controls and drive

  • Lubrication components

  • Pneumatic system and controls

  • Instructor fault insertion system

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Please view the electromechanical maintenance cell page on Intelitek's website or contact your Regional Manager for more information.

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