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EasyC V5 for VEX EDR and VEX IQ

EasyC v5 for VEX EDR and VEX IQ provides the best way to harness the full power of VEX robotics systems. With one license for both the EDR and VEX IQ microcontroller, easyC provides the perfect programming solution for classrooms and competitive teams.


EasyC enables you to produce effective programs in a short period of time. Designed with the student and teacher in mind, easyC’s simple-to-use graphical interface does all of the syntax and spacing, allowing you to focus on program flow and design. Each function block links to detailed help on how to use that particular function.

Experienced programmers can use the text editor to enter true C code. Tutorials and sample projects enable users of any level to program quickly and effective.


Why use easyC?


  • Clean, simple interface for the beginner and experienced programmer.

  • EasyC uses a graphical interface on top of Intelitek’s own C library custom made for the Vex EDR controller.

  • Generates standard C code.

  • Enables beginners to quickly and easily learn basic programming by focusing on the core elements of program flow and design.

  • Text editor for experienced programmers to type their own code.

  • An extensive, easy to use help file with pictures and video covers every feature of easyC.

  • Integrates the development environment, compiler, linker and downloader into a seamless package.

  • Features a start page for convenient access to all the most-used features of easyC in one place.

  • Includes many tutorials that guide you through important features.


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Please view the EasyC V5 for EDR and VEX IQ section of Intelitek's website or contact your Regional Manager for more information.

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