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Engineering Application Series (EAS)

The Engineering Application Series (EAS) is a collection of fun, exciting, problem-based learning opportunities. EAS provides students the means to master critical academic, workplace, and life skills while solving real-world challenges.

A team of 4-8 students are presented with a real-world engineering design challenge. The team then organizes and solves the problem by navigating the design loop process using a unique “Challenge Script” and a variety of worksheets.


All presentation media and student handouts, including the Challenge Script, worksheets, and assessment rubrics can be downloaded, edited, and printed using a common word processor.


EAS Benefits:


  • based on sound academic practices

  • open-ended, research-based projects

  • does not require specific vendor materials, equipment, or tools

Challenge Examples:


  • residential solar water heater system

  • unmanned mobile aircraft launching device

  • automated lunar hydroponic greenhouse

  • movable/mechanical bridge

  • green personal transportation device

  • automated sun tracking solar array

  • automated smart house

  • grey-water recycling/disposal system

  • autonomous farm implement




  • biodegradable food packaging

  • automatic fishing reel

  • balloon-powered racer

  • cardboard chair

  • ergonomic remote control prototype

  • gravity parts feeder

  • guitar tuning device

  • mousetrap car

  • opossum trap

  • portable lift seat

  • simple office supply redesign


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This product is delivered through the browser-based LearnMate®. However, unlike other courses delivered through LearnMate®, it does not require the learning management system (LMS).


Find out more from the EAS page on Intelitek's website or contact your Regional Manager for more information.