CoderZ™ is an innovative, cloud based learning environment to teach coding using the fascinating world of real and virtual robots. CoderZ™ learning programs are engaging for students and also highly affordable for educators even for very large scale deployments.

With CoderZ™, students can use step-by-step tutorials that train them in the skills of coding and technology. Using robotics as a microcosm of science, technology, engineering and math,  CoderZ™ leads users to become skilled programmers, with an understanding of advanced  principles of coding and technological systems. Absolute beginners use the Blockly code editor while more experienced students can use real java code. CoderZ™ is a complete educational platform with integrated instruction videos, content packs, lessons plans and instructor modules to enable teacher to be proficient at teaching the topics.

Benefits of CoderZ™

  • Allows schools to promote STEM through robotics and coding

  • Quickly deploy coding classes to varied level audiences from middle to high school

  • Bring students up to speed with both coding and robotics concepts

  • Cost effective simulated robot approach makes the solution affordable and scalable

  • Easy integration into real hardware robots for projects, competitions or advanced students

  • Promote tech literacy and develop STEM pathways cost effectively

  • Scalable, software only, platform independent solution that runs on any browser

  • Educator optimized to run the program for hundreds or thousands of students

  • Centrally manage the content and student projects

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Please view the CoderZ section of Intelitek's website or contact your Regional Manager for more information.

CoderZ interface
Intelitek CoderZ catalog

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