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CoderZ™ is an innovative, cloud based learning environment to teach coding using the fascinating world of virtual robots. CoderZ™ learning programs are engaging for students and also highly affordable for educators even for very large scale deployments.

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CoderZ enables all students to learn STEM with robotics. With CoderZ your students will learn how to code virtual robots accompanied by a step-by-step curriculum and gamified missions completely online. No need for expensive hardware or specialized training.  Thousands of students and teachers are already using CoderZ in the classroom and in online competitions.

Curriculum levels include:

  • The CoderZ Adventure Course will empower teachers to teach their students the basics of coding and robotics, an exciting interdisciplinary STEM field. The course is powered by CoderZ’s Online Robotics Learning Environment which provides online simulation, a visual code editor, embedded content, class management and more. No prior knowledge needed!

  • Cyber Robotics 101 is a flexible learning program for educators to introduce students to the core concepts of code development and robotics. Students will learn mechanics, navigation, sensors and more while being introduced to programming components like commands, variables, conditional logic, loops, smart blocks (functions) and more.

  • Cyber Robotics 102 is a sequel to Cyber Robotics 101 for learning STEM and coding topics using gamified missions in a realistic physical environment. Students will learn mechanics, physics, navigation, control and sensors while being introduced to programming components like commands, variables, conditional logic, loops, functions and more.

  • Python Gym introduces students to the exciting world of programming using the Python language. Students will gain a basic understanding of object-oriented programming and enhance their critical thinking and problem-solving skills as they learn to design, code, and debug Python programs.

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CoderZ League - Virtual Robotics Competition

CoderZ League (former CRCC) is an exciting, engaging, and entertaining virtual robotics competition for students of all levels to participate and learn about STEM, robotics, and coding and to ignite their technology career paths. This year we’re excited to announce two new leagues:

  • CoderZ League Junior​ - Help encourage the next generation of coders in a first-of-its-kind virtual robotics competition. Students practice coding while developing computational thinking and creative problem-solving skills. Teams compete to unlock new games and challenges in a quest to get their virtual robots to the finals! As part of a team, students are encouraged to work together as they advance through missions and qualify for the next challenges.

    • Grades - 5th – 8th

    • Programming Language - Blockly

    • Recommended Background Course - Cyber Robotics 101

  • CoderZ League Pro - Your journey on CoderZ Islands is about to start! Program a virtual robot to help it survive on different islands across the globe. Each island contains its own obstacles and challenges to encourage your students to work as a team, collaborate, and implement their creativity while they learn advanced programming concepts, physics principles, and more.

    • Grades - 7th – 12th

    • Programming Language - Blockly/Python – Optional

    • Recommended Background Course - Cyber Robotics 102

Please contact your Regional Manager for more information.

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