Intelitek’s package of CNC routing equipment ships with everything needed to get started quickly including starter material, all relevant CAD/CAM software’s and sample G-Code projects. Just follow the easy to use getting started guide and cut!


Intelitek’s experience in both CNC and educational training via Learnmate allows users to be making their own complex project quickly. This allows users to create large structures and have a hands on approach to turning 2D materials into 3D objects.



  • Allows visualization of assembly of 2D object in 3D space

  • Gives students the ability to create impressive large scale projects at a very low cost

  • Fast Paced project based learning allows students to produce results quickly to keep them motivated

  • Cut most projects in under 30 Minutes

  • Teach G-Code an industry standard, that’s used with other CNC mills and lathes

  • Make impressive projects using up to 4ft x 8ft sized materials

  • Includes 30 Seats of V-Carve Pro CAD/CAM software. This allows the entire class to use the software not just a single person.


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Please view the CNC Router section of Intelitek's website or contact your Regional Manager for more information.


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Intelitk CNC Router