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Intelitek’s design and manufacturing offerings deliver cutting edge skills in rapid technologies. From CAD/CAM to 3D printing, their comprehensive blended learning program includes hands-on activities, engaging 3D simulations and standards-based e-learning curriculum.

spectraCAM Milling and spectraCAM Turning can be ordered separately or in a combined software package. Both include spectraCAD software.


Key features:


  • Windows®-based software

  • Includes spectraCAD, allowing users to create CAD geometry

  • Drawing options: arc, circle, line, point, rectangle, text

  • Editing options: break, copy, delete, explode, fillet, mirror, move, offset, rotate, scale, trim/extend

  • Milling operations: contouring, drilling, engraving, facing and pocketing

  • Surface machining operations: revolutions, ruled and swept

  • Turning operations: facing, roughing, finishing, grooving, cut-off

  • Built-in tool and material libraries; automatically pre-selects the optimal speed rates, feed rates and plunge rates for machining part

  • Multiple views of geometry and tool paths

  • Online, context-sensitive helpInput and output DXF file format

  • Output standard G and M code NC part programs

  • User documentation

  • Includes software protection plug


Machining catalog

Please view the spectraCAM Milling section of Intelitek's website, spectraCAM Turning section of Intelitek's website, or contact your Regional Manager for more information.

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