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Industrial Maintenance: Basic Power Electricity

The Basic Power Electricity series, part of the JobMaster™ Electrical Maintenance Training System brings true versatility to your training program.

With 45 total skills and 11 total Flexponent panels, Basic Power Electricity teaches the introductory electrical skills essential for entry level maintenance technicians.


Interchangeable Flexponent panels and competency-based curriculum combine to teach basic electrical skills from the JobMaster Industrial Database.


The Flexponent system of movable component panels allow the JobMaster Training Station to be quickly configured for teaching a variety of electrical maintenance topics including:


  • Lockout/Tagout

  • Connecting a Basic Circuit

  • Measuring Voltage and Resistance

  • Series and Parallel Circuits

  • LCR Circuits

  • Motors and Generators


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Please view the Basic Power Electricity section of Intelitek's website or contact your Regional Manager for more information.

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