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The Agri-Environment Science Program introduces students to fundamental concepts of agriculture such as irrigation, fertilization, soil management, and principles of greenhouse design and control. In addition, the program introduces students to environmental concepts. The heart of the program is the AutoAgronom, a system that monitors and manages the plants’ environment by continually collecting and analyzing data from the plants’ roots and acting on that data by controlling irrigation, fertilization, and other parameters. By working with the system, students investigate the effects that various parameters such as temperature, irrigation, radiation, fertilization and more, have on the plant growth process.


The Agri-Environment Science Program is based on the blended learning concept combining theoretical E-Learning study with practical work. The training system enables students to master basic and advanced agriculture concepts using the E-learning content for theoretical understanding and the system for practical work.


The Program is provided as a turnkey project consisting of the following major components:


  1. AgriGREEN: The brain of the program is a state of the art computerized plant environment controller. AgriGREEN measures and monitors the soil conditions near the plants’ roots in real time and calculates the plants’ requirements. Based on predefined formulas and the data collected, AgriGREEN controls irrigation and the release of fertilizers with minimal human intervention. AutoAgronom can provide yield increases of up to 20% and savings of up to 40% in water and fertilizer usage.

  2. E-learning content: Courseware that enables anytime, anywhere, self-paced study in agricultural technologies such as irrigation, fertilization, soil management, and greenhouses.

    In addition, specific modules cover concepts of environmental pollution and water treatment. The courseware covers the basic and advanced theory using graphics, animation and interactivity, giving students the tools they will need for practical work.

  3. Greenhouse (optional): The greenhouse is supplied fully equipped with a drip controlled irrigation system, fully controlled fans and heaters that provide control of internal temperature, misters for humidity control, and an advanced controlled shading system that provides control of solar radiation within the greenhouse.


Please view the agriculture section of Intelitek's website or contact your Regional Manager for more information.

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