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H-RST-21 Mini Split-Type Heat Pump Trainer

The Hampden Model H-RST-21 Mini Split-Type Heat Pump Trainer provides a hands-on introduction to the principal components of heating and air conditioning.  This system places the indoor unit (evaporator) remotely from the outdoor unit (condenser) providing a quiet, no air flow restriction, and secure system.

Mobile Carrier

The Hampden Model H-RST-21 Mini Split-Type Heat Pump Trainer consists of a mechanical steel base and frame. Frame and base shall be finished in textured  instrument tan. Provide two locking and non-locking casters.

All the major components have been removed from the outdoor unit and positioning them on the trainer’s panel to provide easy access for troubleshooting and visualization. All components are clearly identified by legends.

Incorporated into the trainer is a 20" monitor/computer system. This computer is running the OEM status software program providing all the system data on the screen. The software program is used in diagnosing the system’s condition and providing useful troubleshooting information.

Also included are (8) eight instructor insertable electrical faults. The faults are located in a lockable compartment allowing the instructor to fault the system for troubleshooting.

System Specifications


  • Cooling Capacity:  9,000 BTU/H

  • S.E.E.R.:  22

  • Moisture Removal:  0.8 L/h

  • Speeds:  3 + Automatic

  • Compressor:  Twin Rotary

  • Evaporator:  Finned Coil with centrifugal fan

  • Refrigerant:  R-410A

  • Metering Device:  Capillary Tube

  • Air Circulation:  330 CUFt./Min (high)

  • Timer:  24 hour clock with ON/OFF Programmer Timer

  • Controls:  Microprocessor

  • Thermostat:  Integrated Circuit

  • Services Required:  220VAC single-phase 60Hz

H-RST-21-IT Installation Tool Kit


  • Tool Box (1)

  • Tubing Cutter (1)

  • Refrigerant Scale (1)

  • Vacuum Pump (1)

  • Standard Hand Tool Set (1)

  • Multi-meter (1)

  • 410A Leak Detector (1)

  • 45 Degree Flare Tool (1)

  • De-burring Tool (1)

  • Flare Gauge (1)

  • 4mm, 6mm, 8mm Hex Key (1)

  • Dedicated Gauge Manifold (1)

  • Service Hoses with 5/16th Inch Fittings (1)

  • Refrigerant Hose with 1/4 Inch Fitting (1)

  • Metric Torque Wrench Set (1)

  • 750 PSI Nitrogen Regulator (1)

  • 5/16 inch Stem/Vacuum Tool (1)


Consumable Installation Materials

Comes included with Kit versions of unit (H-ACTK-D1 Single Split-Type A/C Trainer (No Case) and H-ACTK-D3 Multi-Port Split-Type A/C Trainer (No Case)


  • 3/8 ACR Copper

  • 1/4 ACR Copper

  • 3/8 ID x 1/2" Armaflex

  • 1/4 ID x 1/2" Armaflex

  • 16 Gauge 4-Wire Stranded Cable

  • 5/8" Vinyl Drain Hose w/ Hose clamp

Training Materials

  • Key Points for Single Split Installation

  • Power Point

  • Instructor Guide

  • Participant Guide

  • Laminated Handbook

  • Hampden Operating Instructions

D-Checker Software

  • D-Checker is the software that is used for monitoring or recording operation data of air conditioners with a connection cable exclusively used for D-Checker. Please use correctly with carefully reading instructional manual.

  • D-Checker Software can monitor data of sensors (temperature, pressure) and status of actuators (compressor, solenoid, etc) equipped with air conditioners.
    Data/status items that are supported by this software differ model by model.

  • D-Checker gathers operation data from air conditioner through PCB connector of outdoor unit, data monitoring/ recording of multiple outdoor units is not supported.

Please contact your Regional Manager for more information.

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H-RST-21 Mini Split-Type Heat Pump Trainer
H-RST-21-IT Installation Tool Kit
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