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Engineering Systems

Hampden is the leading manufacturer of educational laboratory equipment since 1954, providing a broad product line for engineering and technical curriculums.


Hampden provides equipment to mechanical, chemical and civil engineering.


Hampden manufactures a complete line of standard catalog items. At the same time, customer-specific requests are welcome to either provide a plant-specific application or modified catalog trainer and/or simulator.


Hampden products have been provided throughout the United States and most countries of the world to governmental, educational and industrial training facilities. Standard voltages are provided to all local requirements.Some of their engineering trainers include:


  • Refrigeration Demonstrator

  • Fluid Circuits Demonstrator with Computer Data Logging

  • Double Effect Evaporator Demonstrator

  • Nozzle Pressure Distribution Trainer

  • and much more


Please visit the chemical, civil, and mechanical engineering systems section on Hampden's website or contact your Regional Manager for more information.

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