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CNC - Machine Tool

Learning Labs, Inc. has been providing CNC Machines to Career, Technical, and Engineering education programs for almost 40 years. Through the years, we have established a stellar reputation for providing the following:

  • Quality Equipment and Courseware

  • Turn-Key Delivery and Installation

  • Orientation and Training

  • Free After-Sale Phone Support

  • Support for Student Organizations/Competitions such as SkillsUSA and TSA

Today we focus our efforts on two CNC Machine Tool Manufacturers, Intelitek and Tormach. Combined, these companies provide the best solutions for educational applications we can find.

Note: Learning Labs also provides CNC Routers and Plasma Cutters.


Over the past four decades, Intelitek has established itself as the leader in affordable CNC (Computer Numeric Control) machines, with over 13,000 CNC machines installed in industry and education worldwide.


Intelitek’s latest line of Bench and Pro series CNC machines push the envelope for ease-of-use and affordability. Coupled with interactive online e-learning courses with fully-integrated web-based simulations of their machines, they offer an unmatched solution for CNC technology training. 

Visit Intelitek's website for more information.
View Intelitek's CNC Machining brochure.

Beyond CNC
Intelitek is known for integrating various automated technologies such as robots and conveyor systems with
 their CNC equipment to design CIM (Computer Integrated Manufacturing) Cells and FMS (Flexible Manufacturing Systems) for advanced manufacturing and engineering programs.

Visit Intelitek's CIM web page.
View Intelitek's CIM and FMS Systems brochure.

Intelitek Lathe v2_edited_edited.jpg
Mill and Robot_edited.jpg

Tormach's mission is to empower people who make things. They provide exceptionally engineered small CNC machines, tooling, and related products with a focus on helping customers turn their concepts into reality by providing the tools and information that help them be successful with CNC.


Tormach has a broad range of reasonably CNC mills and lathes available in benchtop and floor-standing configurations. 

Visit our Tormach page for more information.

Visit our Tormach playlist on YouTube.

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