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Founded in 1985, Boxlight, a US owned and operated company, quickly became a leader in presentation technology, climbing Inc. 500 lists and becoming synonymous with projection and display solutions for business, government, and education.  In 2016, Boxlight acquired Mimio. Together they are a leading global provider of technology in the classroom.

Whether it's whole-group or small-group instruction, summative and formative assessment, collaborative learning, or personalized instruction, Mimio software and hardware help teachers put these strategies into action, easily and affordably.


Tools include:



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Interactive whiteboards can be expensive and complicated, and most must be permanently installed. Not anymore. Now teachers can place the small MimioTeach™ interactive whiteboard on the dry erase boards they already have, push two buttons, and – just like that – they have a full-featured interactive whiteboard for a fraction of the cost of conventional fixed interactive whiteboards.

  • A portable bar that attaches to any whiteboard. Used with the classroom computer and projector, it turns your whiteboard into an interactive whiteboard in under a minute.

  • Makes it affordable to bring interactive technology to your classrooms.

  • Part of a complete interactive solution that includes MimioStudio™ classroom software, which allows you to create dynamic lessons and collaborative activities, and perform formative and summative assessment.


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mimio teach interactive whiteboard

The MimioCapture™ ink recorder allows teachers to save whiteboard notes and drawings directly to their computer in four colors, automatically. Teachers can give them to students for review, and to students who missed a lesson. Students can pay better attention, keep up more easily, and participate more, because they no longer have to write everything down.

  • Save, edit, and print whiteboard notes for students anytime, in a variety of formats (including PDF, JPEG, and HTML).

  • No projector is needed to enjoy MimioCapture functionality.

  • With MimioStudio™ classroom software, convert handwriting into text in documents.

  • Includes tabletop recharging tray and convenient magnetic pen holder.


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mimio capture ink recorder marker whiteboard

Take all the wonder of interactive lessons and activities, and launch it even further by adding high definition (HD) pictures or live HD video with the MimioView™ document camera. Detailed images of the intricacies of a flower or math manipulatives are all easily seen by the entire class on the front-of-the-room display. Lessons and learning come to life.

  • Plug into a single USB computer port for both power and data.

  • Autofocus by pushing a single button.

  • The convenience of two adjustable light sources.

  • Capture both dimensional objects and flat documents.

  • Save work by easily annotating images and creating files to use over and over.


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mimio view document viewer

With the MimioVote™ assessment system, the results are immediate and the feedback has value. Teachers know who is learning and who needs help. And when students don’t have to think about how to use the device, they can concentrate on answering the questions.

  • The intuitive design provides instantaneous teacher-led or self-paced evaluation, without the hassle typically experienced with ordinary assessment tools. Teachers get accurate, real-time results and eliminate the extra workload of manual test correction. And they can download results into spreadsheets and lesson plans, to easily track learning.

  • Quick-poll during a lesson, to see who’s getting it and who needs some help.

  • Reduces student confusion by illuminating only the answer buttons needed for each test.

  • Easily import standard tests and publishers’ content.

  • Compatible with MimioStudio™ templates and Microsoft PowerPoint.

  • Automatic recharging means tech directors don’t have to deal with battery replacement.


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mimio vote assessment tool measure survey student participation
mimio pad wireless pen tablet

With the MimioPad™ wireless pen tablet, teachers can move freely around the classroom while controlling their MimioStudio lessons and activities on the interactive whiteboard. Plus, they can share control with students who are using MimioPad tablets or devices enabled with the MimioMobile™ app, enabling collaborative learning.

  • Wireless convenience – control MimioStudio interactive activities on any display running MimioStudio classroom software.

  • Frees teachers to move about, so they can help individual students and manage the classroom more effectively.

  • MimioStudio Collaborate feature allows up to 9 students and 1 teacher using any mix of MimioPad tablets and devices enabled with the MimioMobile app to work simultaneously on an activity, with the work shared at the front of the room.


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