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Architecture and Construction

Learning Labs has provided tools and equipment to Architecture and Construction programs in Georgia for over 55 years. We offer a wide variety of solutions for multiple grade levels and classroom or shop configurations.

Whether you are starting up a new elementary construction program, or updating a middle or high school construction lab, we are a great resource. 

High School
At the high school level, Learning Labs offers a multitude of solutions for Architectural and Construction Education. Here are some examples:


Questech Green.jpg

Middle School
At the middle school level, Learning Labs can provide the same types of tools and equipment that we provide at the high school level. However, we can also add more age/grade appropriate products that focus on safety and career exploration.


Elementary School
Elementary is a perfect level to introduce students to the ever growing field of construction. Learning Labs can provide content to support hands-on projects that safely introduce young students to the tools of the trade, and provide a foundation for construction-related math.

Please contact your Regional Manager for more information.

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