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Intelitek is a USA based, world-leading developer, producer, and supplier of comprehensive blended learning solutions for training.

Virtually all of Intelitek's content is delivered using LearnMate - a browser based delivery and learning management system.

Learning Labs, Inc. is proud to represent Intelitek in the following product categories:

Click the image below to view the interactive 2015 Intelitek catalog, or download the PDF (4.4 Mb) for offline viewing.

To see how Intelitek products are used to integrate STEM principles at Carrollton High School in Carrollton, Ga., watch this video.

Please visit Intelitek's website or contact your Regional Manager for more information, or use the links above to gain access to more specific information.

3D Printing/Rapid Prototyping

Intelitek offers a wide range of equipment to create models using either additive or subtractive rapid prototyping techniques.  In addition to these machines, Intelitek also offers curriculum that introduces students to the concepts of 3D printing and rapid prototyping.

Please contact your Regional Manager for more information.


The Agri-Environment Science Program introduces students to fundamental concepts of agriculture such as irrigation, fertilization, soil management, and principles of greenhouse design and control. In addition, the program introduces students to environmental concepts. The heart of the program is the AutoAgronom, a system that monitors and manages the plants’ environment by continually collecting and analyzing data from the plants’ roots and acting on that data by controlling irrigation, fertilization, and other parameters. By working with the system, students investigate the effects that various parameters such as temperature, irrigation, radiation, fertilization and more, have on the plant growth process.

intelitek's Agri-Environment Science Program introduces students to fundamental concepts of agriculture such as irrigation, fertilization, soil management, and principles of greenhouse design and control.The Agri -Environment Science Program is based on the blended learning concept combining theoretical E-Learning study with practical work. The training system enables students to master basic and advanced agriculture concepts using the E-learning content for theoretical understanding and the system for practical work.

The Program is provided as a turnkey project consisting of the following major components:

  1. AutoAgronom: The brain of the program is a state of the art computerized plant environment controller. AutoAgronom measures and monitors the soil conditions near the plants’ roots in real time and calculates the plants’ requirements. Based on predefined formulas and the data collected, AutoAgronom controls irrigation and the release of fertilizers with minimal human intervention. AutoAgronom can provide yield increases of up to 20% and savings of up to 40% in water and fertilizer usage.

  2. E-learning content: Courseware that enables anytime, anywhere, self-paced study in agricultural technologies:

  • Irrigation

  • Fertilization

  • Soil management

  • Greenhouses

In addition, specific modules cover concepts of environmental pollution and water treatment. The courseware covers the basic and advanced theory using graphics, animation and interactivity, giving students the tools they will need for practical work.

  1. Greenhouse (optional): The greenhouse is supplied fully equipped with a drip controlled irrigation system, fully controlled fans and heaters that provide control of internal temperature, misters for humidity control, and an advanced controlled shading system that provides control of solar radiation within the greenhouse.

Please view the agriculture section of Intelitek's website or contact your Regional Manager for more information.


spectraCAM Milling

spectraCAM Milling and spectraCAM Turning can be ordered separately or in a combined software package. Both include spectraCAD software.

Key features:

  • Windows®-based software

  • Includes spectraCAD, allowing users to create CAD geometry

  • Drawing options: arc, circle, line, point, rectangle, text

  • Editing options: break, copy, delete, explode, fillet, mirror, move, offset, rotate, scale, trim/extend

  • Milling operations: contouring, drilling, engraving, facing and pocketing

  • Surface machining operations: revolutions, ruled and swept

  • spectraCAM TurningTurning operations: facing, roughing, finishing, grooving, cut-off

  • Built-in tool and material libraries; automatically pre-selects the optimal speed rates, feed rates and plunge rates for machining part

  • Multiple views of geometry and tool paths

  • Online, context-sensitive help

  • Input and output DXF file format

  • Output standard G and M code NC part programs

  • User documentation

  • Includes software protection plug 

Please view the spectraCAM Milling section of Intelitek's website, spectraCAM Turning section of Intelitek's website, or contact your Regional Manager for more information.

EasyC V5 for Cortex and VEX IQ

EasyC v5 for Cortex and VEX IQ provides the best way to harness the full power of VEX robotics systems. With one license for both the Cortex and VEX IQ microcontroller, easyC provides the perfect programming solution for classrooms and competitive teams.

EasyC enables you to produce effective programs in a short period of time. Designed with the student and teacher in mind, easyC’s simple-to-use graphical interface does all of the syntax and spacing, allowing you to focus on program flow and design. Each function block links to detailed help on how to use that particular function.

Experienced programmers can use the text editor to enter true C code. Tutorials and sample projects enable users of any level to program quickly and effective.

Why use easyC?

  • Clean, simple interface for the beginner and experienced programmer.

  • EasyC uses a graphical interface on top of Intelitek’s own C library custom made for the Vex Cortex controller.

  • Generates standard C code.

  • Enables beginners to quickly and easily learn basic programming by focusing on the core elements of program flow and design.

  • Text editor for experienced programmers to type their own code.

  • An extensive, easy to use help file with pictures and video covers every feature of easyC.

  • Integrates the development environment, compiler, linker and downloader into a seamless package.

  • Features a start page for convenient access to all the most-used features of easyC in one place.

  • Includes many tutorials that guide you through important features.

View the brochure!

Find out more from the EasyC page on Intelitek's website and be sure to download a free trial of the software!

Energy Systems

Green Technology Curriculum (GTC) flow chartPerhaps no topic is currently more prominent than energy. Every day, on a worldwide scale, new technologies and sciences are being explored and implemented in an effort to alleviate our dependence on fossil fuels and embrace newer and safer alternative energy sources. Individuals, as well as entire nations, are uniting in a effort to conserve Earth's non-renewable resources, better manage resources that are renewable, and to minimize pollutants that harm the environment.

The Energy Systems course addresses these and other related topics through a 65+ hour package of courseware. As students are introduced to various causes, effects, and solutions, their findings are reinforced through hands-on activities.

There are five units in Energy Systems:

  • Intro to Green Technology

  • Green Transportation

  • Green Construction

  • Alternative Energy

  • Resource Conservation

Find out more from the Energy Systems page on Intelitek's website.

Engineering Application Series (EAS)

Engineering Applications Series (EAS) logoThe Engineering Application Series (EAS) is a collection of fun, exciting, problem-based learning opportunities. EAS provides students the means to master critical academic, workplace, and life skills while solving real-world challenges.

A team of 4-8 students are presented with a real-world engineering design challenge. The team then organizes and solves the problem by navigating the design loop process using a unique “Challenge Script” and a variety of worksheets.

All presentation media and student handouts, including the Challenge Script, worksheets, and assessment rubrics can be downloaded, edited, and printed using a common word processor.

EAS Benefits:

  • based on sound academic practices

  • open-ended, research-based projects

  • does not require specific vendor materials, equipment, or tools

Challenge Examples:

  • residential solar water heater system

  • unmanned mobile aircraft launching device

  • automated lunar hydroponic greenhouse

  • movable/mechanical bridge

  • green personal transportation device

  • automated sun tracking solar array

  • automated smart house

  • grey-water recycling/disposal system

  • autonomous farm implement

  • biodegradable food packaging

  • automatic fishing reel

  • balloon-powered racer

  • cardboard chair

  • ergonomic remote control prototype

  • gravity parts feeder

  • guitar tuning device

  • mousetrap car

  • opossum trap

  • portable lift seat

  • simple office supply redesign

This product is delivered through the browser-based LearnMate®.  However, unlike other courses delivered through LearnMate®, it does not require the learning management system (LMS).

Find out more from the EAS page on Intelitek's website.

Exploring Communications

Communication Technology Curriculum screenIn Exploring Communications, students focus on visual and graphic media. Informational content includes the history of various types of media and their impact on society. Students study digital video editing, including tools and practices commonly used by professional video editors. Students investigate the basics of digital camera features and operation, such as file formats and image quality. Students learn photo editing and manipulation techniques. They also cover the basics of layout and design.

Hands-on activities include building pinhole cameras, editing digital video segments, editing and manipulating digital photographs, creating a logo, developing marketing pieces for a school club, team, or organization, then applying a design onto a T-shirt.

There are four units in Exploring Communications:

  • Intro to Communication

  • Digital Photo Editing

  • Graphic Design

  • Digital Video Editing

Find out more from the Exploring Communications page on Intelitek's website.

Exploring Robotics

Exploring Robotics makes implementation easy. Topics are perfect for 9-week programs. Each 9-week course provides everything needed out of the box, ready to use. You can choose flexible packages based on your class size.

Exploring Robotics can open up unlimited possibilities for middle school students!

This exciting exploration of STEM (science, technology engineering and math) concepts can motivate students to pursue further education or even careers in STEM.

EasyC® robotic programming software

EasyC provides the perfect robotic programming software for the classroom. With an intuitive drag-and-drop interface and robust video tutorials, beginners can produce effective programs quickly while also learning concepts of programming. Software features flexible perpetual or annual licensing options for your classrooms needs.

VEX® IQ Robotics platform

VEX IQ offers students an exciting platform for STEM education. VEX is the most classroom-friendly platform for robotics instruction with safe components in easily managed kits – perfect for team activities.

Find out more from the Exploring Robotics page on Intelitek's website.

Foundations of STEM

The Technology Education program our customers have been using successfully for so many years now has a new format, refreshed content, look and name—Introduction to STEM Pathways.

Intelitek’s Introduction to STEM Pathways provides an easy-to-implement solution for delivering early engagement and discovery of science, technology, engineering and mathematics topics for middle and high school students.

Using multiple instructional strategies including activity-based learning and immersive e-learning, students explore technology, examine science and math concepts and investigate careers in STEM. The standards-based curriculum emphasizes 21st Century skills including teamwork, leadership and creative problem-solving skills. Relevant topics like robotics, energy systems and transportation help students see the connection between STEM and the world around them.

Introduction to STEM Pathways makes implementation easy. Each 9-week course provides everything needed out of the box, ready to use. You can choose flexible packages based on your class size. You can customize your program by adding topics in any configuration to the requisite Foundations course. The curriculum works with any instructional method whether instructor-led, self-directed or collaborative.

As mentioned, the program begins with requisite Foundations of STEM, which includes the LearnMate LMS, and comprises the following topics:

  • Introduction to engineering

  • Careers in engineering

  • Technical drawing

  • Engineering design cycle

  • Reverse engineering

  • Human factors engineering

  • Rapid prototyping

  • Mechanisms

  • Construction techniques

Optional courses can then be added on in 2, 10, 20, and 30 student packages.  These optional courses include:

Find out more from the Intro to STEM page on Intelitek's website.

Industrial Electricity

Jobmaster logoThe Basic Power Electricity series, part of the JobMaster™ Electrical Maintenance Training System brings true versatility to your training program.

Jobmaster's industrial electricity trainerInterchangeable Flexponent panels and competency-based curriculum combine to teach basic electrical skills from the JobMaster Indsustrial Database.

The Flexponent system of movable component panels allow the JobMaster Training Station to be quickly configured for teaching a variety of electrical maintenance topics including:

  • Lockout/Tagout

  • Connecting a Basic Circuit

  • Measuring Voltage and Resistance

  • Series and Parallel Circuits

  • LCR Circuits

  • Motors and Generators

Please view the Basic Power Electricity section of Intelitek's website or contact your Regional Manager for more information.

Industrial Maintenance: Mechanical


Jobmaster workstationThe JobMaster™ Industrial Maintenance and Mechatronics Training system provides a superior blended learning solution for automated manufacturing training by combining industrial-grade components with engaging e-learning content.

JobMaster™ courses are entirely skill-based, consisting of individual exercises that reproduce essential tasks performed by maintenance technicians, equipment operators, and machine repairmen. Each skill has been analyzed and field-tested by qualified maintenance technicians to teach the specific skills needed in the industrial environment.

Greystone mechanical benchMechanical Power Transmission (IMP-1) presents the operating principles of power transmission the most effective way: using the same industrial-strength components used in factory environments. Students work with basic machines, machine statics and dynamics, shafts and keys, bearings, belt drives, chain drives, speed reducers, electric brakes and gear drives.

In a footprint of 60 square-feet (5.60 square-meter), the Intelitek JobMaster™ 1600 Electromechanical Maintenance Cell simulates an automated manufacturing operation in an industrial plant. This platform delivers the most relevant training in the installation, operation, troubleshooting and maintenance of industrial processes and equipment.

intelitek's Electromechanical Maintenance Cell

The JobMaster™ 1600 Electromechanical Maintenance Cell is the ultimate capstone to any industrial maintenance / mechatronics program. The Electromechanical Maintenance Cell ensures relevant instruction by enabling a robust simulation of the workplace and a more valid delivery of career skills. Students learn to assemble, wire, maintain, and troubleshoot electromechanical systems just as if they were in the industrial environment. This results in the most effective authentic assessment of a trainees ability to succeed in the field of mechatronics or industrial maintenance.

The basic cell includes electrical power distribution and controls, wire and cable tray, wireways, conduit and equipment housings. Students gain enhanced understanding of industrial processes by installing, operating and troubleshooting sub-systems onto the cell including:

  • Conveyor drive and control

  • Part manipulator and controls with paint bake & cool process tunnel

  • Industrial lighting

  • Three-phase motor controls and Variable frequency drive

  • DC motor controls and drive

  • Lubrication components

  • Pneumatic system and controls

  • Instructor fault insertion system 

Please view the industrial maintenance section of Intelitek's website or contact your Regional Manager for more information.

Industrial Maintenance: Motors and Motor Controls

Collage of Greystone Technology's Motor trainersIntelitek's Greystone Technology line of motor trainers provide between 10 to 50 hours of combined classroom and laboratory training.

Some of the principles covered include:

  • permanent field-magnet DC motor

  • motor operating characteristics

  • starting capacitor testing

  • connecting, operating, testing, and reversing three-phase motors

  • troubleshoot motor control circuits

  • connecting and operating limit switches, liquid level sensors, photoelectric sensors, and more

Please view the electrical control section of Intelitek's website or contact your Regional Manager for more information.

Industrial Maintenance: PLCs

Intelitek's Greystone Technology line of trainers offers a basic course in programmable logic control with plant applications. This course provides approximately 30 hours of combined classroom and laboratory training in:

  • relay and ladder logic

  • programming controllers

  • operating and testing

  • start-stop motor control circuits

  • sequential motor starting

  • timing process circuits

  • counting process circuits

  • position process circuits

  • linear motion process control circuits

  • pneumatic process control circuits

  • system troubleshooting

Please view the electrical and PLC section of Intelitek's website or contact your Regional Manager for more information.

Industrial Maintenance: Process Control

The ProcessLine Level & Flow Process Control training system gives students comprehensive, hands-on experience in the fundamentals of instrumentation and industrial process control. The training system serves to demonstrate and teach the measurement and control of level and flow processes.

Please view the process control section of Intelitek's website or contact your Regional Manager for more information.

Introduction to Engineering

Introduction to Engineering provides students an excellent overview of the field of engineering. This 20-hour course engages students by means of hands-on activities and compelling online curriculum that includes:

  • a comprehensive overview of the history of engineering

  • the engineering process and career choices

  • multi-level activities including designing a product to specifications

  • career seeking and ethics

  • a capstone project that challenges students to explore engineering through research and presentation of a chosen product

Please view the Introduction to Engineering section of Intelitek's website or contact your Regional Manager for more information.

Innovation and Invention

Transportation Technology Curriculum screenThe Innovation and Invention course is an excellent introductory program for middle schools and high schools to inspire greater student awareness of the concepts, applications and careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). With the relevant topic of Transportation Technology combined with contextualized project-based learning (PBL), TTC fosters deeper appreciation for STEM and its connection to real-world issues. Students are exposed to viable 21st-century careers in the transportation industry and presented with a pathway to further educational opportunities in science, technology and engineering.  Topics include a lengthy introduction to the history and types of transportation, aviation, aerospace, and automotive-centered research and design.

There are four units in the TTC:

  • Introduction to Transportation

  • Aviation

  • Aerospace

  • Research and Design: Automotive

Find out more from the Innovation and Invention page on Intelitek's website.

Manufacturing: CIM

CIM components and a lab from IntelitekCIMflex offers flexible solutions for educating and training students in the principles and technologies of computer integrated manufacturing. This turnkey system, complete with all equipment and software students need to get started, gives students hands-on experience with industrial level equipment and applications within a laboratory environment. The modularity and flexibility of the system allow it to be configured and integrated into an educational program that best suits the needs of the school. The CIMflex system also supports stand alone disciplines and serves as the perfect solution for cross-disciplinary programs.

All basic CIMflex systems include:

  • OpenCIM software

  • Automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS)

  • Closed loop pallet conveyor

  • Workstations

  • Central management control station

  • LAN communication network

Please view the CIM section of Intelitek's website or contact your Regional Manager for more information.

Manufacturing: CNC

Collage of Intelitek's CNC machinesFrom simple engraving to rapid prototyping, Intelitek offers a range of benchtop CNC machining and turning centers that meet the needs of educators and students, from the most basic fundamentals to the highest levels of machining processes and applications.

Intelitek provides complete training packages for each machine, including operating software, CAD/CAM software, manuals, curriculum, and a full range of tooling and machine accessories. All offer a high degree of accuracy and repeatability, and easy to use Windows-based control software.

Check out this great chess set a pair of 10th graders in Georgia created using the Intelitek proLIGHT CNC lathe!

Please view the CNC section of Intelitek's website or contact your Regional Manager for more information.

Manufacturing: Fluid Power

Intelitek's fluid power packages include activity-based, competency driven programs that equip pre-engineering students with the technological knowledge, skills and competencies crucial for successful careers in engineering and advanced manufacturing environments.

The pneumatics technology program emphasizes real industrial concerns as it takes students through three areas of study:

  • intelitek Pneumatics Technology 1, 2, and 3Pneumatics 1 allows students to acquire the basic skills in operating simulation software and industrial components.

  • Pneumatics 2 gives students broader experience with pneumatics and industrial applications.

  • Pneumatics 3 takes students into electro-pneumatics, using a PLC-based computer interface control unit that enables software control and on-line graphic tracking of the PneuFlex panel.

The hydraulics technology program emphasizes real industrial concerns as it takes students through:

  • intelitek Hydraulics Technology 1 and 2the use of simulation software and the design of basic hydraulic circuits. Applied science experiments are used to demonstrate the physical principles of fluid power.

  • electro-hydraulics, using a PLC-based computer interface control unit that enables software control and on-line graphic tracking of the HydraFlex panel. 

Please view the Hydraulics and Pneumatics section of Intelitek's website or contact your Regional Manager for more information.

Manufacturing: Residential Wiring

A complete course in residential power wiring and control including structured wiring for data, video, control, and communications (CAT3 and 5). This course is a stand-alone table/bench mounted unit that provides approximately 50 hours of combined classroom and laboratory training.

Greystone Technology's Residential Wiring and ControlSome of the principles covered include:

  • electrical safety

  • conductor stripping and splicing

  • drawing and reading electrical plans

  • service entrance wiring

  • sub-panel wiring

  • 1, 2, 3, and 4-way switches

  • dimmers

  • duplex, appliance, and GFCI receptacles

  • GFI and AFI breakers

  • overhead lighting

  • fluorescent lighting

  • door chime and smoke alarm wiring

  • data, video, and communications wiring (CAT3 and CAT5)

Please contact your Regional Manager for more information.

Manufacturing: Robotics

Collage of intelitek robotsIntelitek's renowned and modern line of robotic systems - SCORBOT-ER 4u, SCORBOT-ER 9Pro, SCORA-ER 14Pro and Performer-HP3 - offer solutions ranging from basic robotics to advanced industrial training. Peripheral devices such as a conveyor belt, rotary table, part feeder and sensors, let students create, program and operate robotic workcells.

RoboCell, SCORBASE and ACL software provide different approaches to robotic programming, control and simulation.

The synergy of mechanics, electronics and control makes Intelitek robots ideal for mechatronics training in a singular lab workstation.

Please view the robotics section of Intelitek's website or contact your Regional Manager for more information.

Manufacturing: Welding

This turnkey automated welding station gives students training and skills in robotic programming and control, and production welding methods.

intelitek's Automated Welding StationUsing RoboCell software students safely perform entire welding processes in 3D simulation before executing actual automated welding applications.

Students learn to overcome common welding problems, such as thermal deformation, by adjusting welding technique. Students also learn to improve weld quality by optimizing important welding parameters such as wire feed rate, robot speed, inert gas shield and voltage.

Safety is an integral part of the system. The robotic workbench is housed in a fire retardant metal booth with filter-plated windows for UV and eye protection. Opening a booth door automatically halts the welding operation. Pressing either of two emergency buttons immediately halts both robotic and welding operations.

Please view the automated welding station section of Intelitek's website or contact your Regional Manager for more information.

Science and Technology Exploration

Biotechnology screenIntelitek has developed several courses that offer content and hands-on experiences in biotechnology and health care, both of which cover important aspects of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).

You can find out more about these courses from the Science and Technology Exploration page on the Intelitek website.


Intelitek offers Robotics Engineering Curriculum (REC), a full two-year curriculum using the Vex Starter Kit!  Read the REC brochure (2 Mb PDF)!

Read the case study (1.2 Mb PDF) by Intelitek on Carrollton High School in Georgia and how their innovative STEM class harnesses collaboration to inspire students.


LearnMate logoLearnMate is a web-based, e-learning program combining new technologies with solid instructional design principles.

Curriculum delivery features include:

  • consistent content across single or multiple classes

  • media-rich, interactive content

  • activity and project-based learning

  • multiple instructional strategies

  • glossaries

  • automatic text-to-speech (TTS) for all courses and assessments

  • read more about LearnMate curriculum delivery from the Intelitek website

Computer-based assessment features include:

  • password protection

  • shuffling of questions and answers

  • multiple question types including:

    • essay

    • hotspot

    • matching and ordering

    • multiple choice

    • true/false

  • read more about assessments from the Intelitek website

Administrative and class management features allow teachers to:

  • automate classroom management

  • quickly and easily set up classes

  • produce enriched multi-level reports

  • track student and class progress

  • create student certifications

  • generate comprehensive, real-time reporting

  • focus on students instead of administrative tasks

  • read more LearnMate administration and class management from the Intelitek website

Please visit the LearnMate LMS section on Intelitek's website or contact your Regional Manager for more information.


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